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Help with low libido

CatCCatC Posts: 3

Hi all the worst thing I now find at the age of 54 is complete loss of libido. Absolutely no sex drive whatsoever and I find it really upsetting (as obviously so does my husband). I started HRT when I was 48 as the hot flushes were making me so dizzy and faint and my emotions all over the place. I thought HRT was amazing and it kept me feeling ‘normal’ in all areas including sex drive. Then 18 months ago I was called into GP and told that’s it no more HRT as been on it 5 years. Since then a complete downward spiral. I feel emotionally all over the place all the time, my sex drive completely disappeared and the forgetfulness so bad I think I may have early-onset dementia. I pray it’s not that and is only another symptom of this horrible menopause .

So my question to you all is, have you found anything that actually helps get your sex drive back, makes you feel less emotional and basically ‘normal’ again, other than HRT? I would really much prefer to go back on HRT and went to GP some months ago to beg for it, the man I saw said I need anti-depressants not HRT, and I was so cross I didn’t bother going back. I don’t need anti depressants I just want to be ME again. I have tried all different vitamins, including magnesium but no joy in the libido department.

Thanks in advance


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello CatC,

    Welcome to the forum, and thanks so much for sharing some fairly personal things with us.

    I always feel SO cross when I read time and again that doctors seem to be making decisions for us about our bodies based on outdated information. As always, some doctors are more up to date than others when it comes to staying ahead , but it's hardly fair that it seems to be "your luck" whether you get one who is willing to have some informed discussions with you!

    When I read what you have to say, I can't help but think, that if you have had success with HRT for all this time, and when it was withdrawn from your system the symptoms return, doesn't that mean that you are still menopausal and therefore still require the medication in the form of HRT to deal with those symptoms? I'm certainly not a doctor, but I have been struggling with menopausal symptoms now for nearly 16 years, and things worked in reverse for me. I wasn't allowed HRT because of migraines, so similar symptoms to you (including low or no libido), which I had to simply get on and try to find a natural alternative to. Like you, anti depressants were offered - and at times, you just want to scream that the problem is with my hormones, and I don't need anti depressants. SO frustrating!

    I think I've probably had more supplements over the years than I can list here - but I did find one that contained Maca Root that seemed to have an effect on my libido. Nutrition FX was the best result of all that I tried.

    About 6 weeks ago, I finally got the go ahead for HRT in the form of patches. I am now nearly fifty - and they have transformed my life! Like you, I think it's amazing, and the flushes have stopped, the energy is back, I'm sleeping - and my libido is better....

    I think my point is, that if you want to continue with HRT, and you are taking all the precautions necessary eg mammograms, keeping your weight in check, drinking in moderation, then I would be inclined to try another GP in your area, or in the same practice you are in, but I would go armed with information to fight your corner!

    I found this on the website for Dr Louise Newton. I think she talks very sensibly on all things menopause, and if you read through, she is in favour of taking HRT for as long as you need it.


    Hope something here helps you! 😊

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi CatC

    I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. Has the Dr said why he has taken you off of HRT as I know women that have been on it for years so 5 years seems nothing in comparison. Could you speak to another gp?

    As for the memory I think that's a problem we all face. Mine has gone to pot so I shouldn't worry too much about that side of it.

    Go back and speak to your GP

    Good luck :)

  • CatCCatC Posts: 3

    Hi Kaz and Julie20 thank you so much for your responses, it is reassuring to know I’m not the only one. I know women suffer with the menopause, it’s well documented. But I’ve never told anyone other than my husband how I feel as I just feel I’m being weak and should just ‘get on with it’ and my GP definitely reinforced that feeling. I will go back to GP’s and see another doctor there and insist they consider letting me go back on HRT. It so works for me in all areas, and helped my libido no end. I will also look into the Maca Root option if I can’t get the HRT, I’ve not tried that one. And I’m glad I’m not the only one to get memory loss, that DOES worry me, I forgot to go to a function I had been invited to, completely went out of my head, and I had full on conversations about it only 2 weeks ago!

    Again thank you for your time


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