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Memory Problems?

MenopauseorjustmeMenopauseorjustme Posts: 433 Menopause Nurse Practitioner

I provide menopause consultations and always ask women how their memory is. Some women look at me in shock then start to cry...mainly because I am about to confirm what they suspect....they have early dementia.

But I don't say that, what I do say is that memory loss or " brain fog" as I like to call it is very common during the menopause.

Can anyone else relate to their brain fog and how it made them feel?

I look forward to hearing from you and having a good chat about this.

Best wishes

Diane Porterfield Bourne.



  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 337 ✭✭✭

    @Diane Porterfield-Bourne I posted in another conversation that I tagged you in about my experiences with brain fog.

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Thank you for initiating this discussion @Diane Porterfield-Bourne, I've heard / seen so many women experiencing forgetfulness and brain fog during the menopause. My mother has just started to get these as well and said it's very stressful as she keeps forgetting to do things at work, or just simply forgets how to do simple every-day tasks for a second, like shutting her laptop down!

    Although I'm not menopausal, I experience some form of a brain fog (I think) myself due to my medication. Sometimes I just laugh at myself (the other day I went to the shop for tomatoes and I bought everything, but tomatoes and I just stood in the kitchen thinking, 'really?'...), but in reality, it really is difficult to deal with on the daily and it affects my confidence as well. I cannot even imagine what it's like to experience this, along with all other menopausal symptoms, all at once.

    I'm sure others will join in the discussion too. I can't wait to hear from you ladies - please don't be shy, this space is very supportive!

  • MenopauseorjustmeMenopauseorjustme Posts: 433 Menopause Nurse Practitioner

    @Blanka_C and @MonicaM

    We all experience problems with memory from time to time. Like you said medication can be a factor, lack of sleep, diet, lifestyle and lack of hormones during menopause. We all have our funny stories of the mad things we have forgotten or done but the reality for most women is that it severely undermines their confidence, they forget important tasks at work, to collect things, call or email people.

    I hope more women chat about this too!

    Best wishes

    Diane Porterfield Bourne.

  • DebfraDebfra Posts: 1

    My memory has major brain fog. I read emails and information relating to work and I can’t remember the content. I panic big time as my mum has Alzheimer’s and it scares me. Feel as though I live in constant fear with anxious stomach, wake up with anxiety early in the morning and this manifests throughout the day to panic, heart palpitations and exhaustion. Any help to manage this in anyway would be much appreciated. So tired and unmotivated to enjoy anything.

  • Lind2019Lind2019 Posts: 2

    I also have this brain fog at times . I am self employed and work for several clients and it is difficult to remember everything now. I feel like everything and every one gets on my nerves more easily. I seem to have less patience, although I try to hide it.

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin
    edited May 2021

    @Debfra @Lind2019

    Hi ladies, @DianePorterfield-Bourne our menopause nurse will get back to you as soon as possible with further advice. In the meantime, I just wanted to welcome you to our community and share a couple of resources to look at, you might find them useful:

    You're not alone as brain fog is something that's been widely discussed on this forum before! Perhaps @MonicaM you have some experiences or tips to share?

    Hope this helps a little!

    Take care,

    Blanka x

  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 337 ✭✭✭


    You aren't alone with brain fog. I have experienced more times that I like to admit but I mainly experience at work. There are benefits to working from home and sometimes negatives about working from home. One of the negatives is the brain fog or the lack of concentration and/or focus. I get side tracked very easily sometimes while I am at work or I forget what I am supposed to be doing or my time management is off.

    I like to take a walk and try to relax my mind and not really focus so much on things while I am walking and then when I return after the fresh air it helps me concentrate a little more. I think the key is to try to relax and not to get so overwhelm so that you can concentrate better and remember. If you don't like to walk sometimes just taking your mind off of work for me helps because that is when I experiencing it the most. Doing something different and not always the same routine helps me with brain fog.

  • MenopauseorjustmeMenopauseorjustme Posts: 433 Menopause Nurse Practitioner


    Hello and thank you for writing in. Thank you @Blanka_C for including me in.

    Is your anxiety caused by your memory problems or do you have generalised anxiety too?

    Many women experience brain fog, it is a very common symptom during menopause. Have you discussed this with your GP? If so has your GP talked about HRT?

    I provide consultations on menopause and prescribe HRT on a daily basis. It is something I hear very frequently and almost all women think it is due something really serious. The most obvious cause will be menopause. By replacing the hormones you are low in can significantly improve this problem.

    Please let us know how you get on and how you are feeling.

    Best wishes

    Diane Porterfield Bourne.

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