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I started HRT approx. 6 weeks ago and have had no noted difference. Although I have night sweats my main symptoms are; anxiousness, feeling underwhelmed and no motivation, brain fog and generally feeling emotionally blah amongst other things (too long to list them all). I feel as if I'm unravelling (emotionally).

I'm back at the GP in 2 weeks and would like to have an increase in dose however I feel she struggles to empathise with me and has an almost disbelief of my symptoms - putting it down to work related stress. I've been offered anti depressants for the anxiety but from what I've read, if it's due to hormones then they won't help. I'm also reluctant to take them as I feel GP's see them as a 'fix all' and don't try and deal with the cause.

I'm currently signed off from work however I'm of the view that my difficulties are all hormone related and if I can rectify this then I'm hoping I'll return to 'normal'.

Has anyone else had this experience with a GP?

Is anyone on this particular HRT and if so what has been your experience? Can the dose be increased?

Even though menopause is now being highlighted, I feel very alone with this and as if it's not taken seriously or I'm a fraud.


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