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What's one thing you love about yourself? [closed]




    Goung through an unusual (or not generally discussed) side effect of the menopause- vaginal atrophy - I have been able to help other sufferers as I recognise the symptoms that are not readily acted upon by GP's If I have helped just 1 person not to to suffer for 2 years- like myself- that makes mevery happy

  • Jojo26Jojo26 Posts: 1

    My bubbly personality. ❤

  • JulesLJulesL Posts: 4

    1 thing I absolutely LOVE about myself is my hair! I'm lucky I can do anything with it and it gives me confidence on those difficult days. I have decied to let it go grey naturally and it's a real boost when much younger women compliment me on the colour and that it's natural.

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 374 Community Admin

    Thank you so much ladies for all the positive vibes!💕 It's really uplifting to read all your comments.

    Keep an eye out on the thread, as we'll pick the winners tomorrow.🤩

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    Aaaaand the winners are...

    1. Sincerely Sportsheets Kegel Exercise System: @Lisajane1969_
    2. Inspire Vibrating Remote Kegel Exerciser: @KazHow

    CONGRATULATIONS! 💕 Could you please send an email to [email protected]h.com with your address to make sure you get your goodies ASAP? x

    Ladies - thanks so much for all the positive vibes. Keep an eye out on the Community as we have many exciting competitions planned!


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