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Age of ending periods

Cuddles65Cuddles65 Posts: 2

Hi Ladies,

just asking, I am 55 this year and my periods are still as regular as ever! Just wondering, what is the the common age of them stopping? And how old do I go before they stop?! Can’t ask mum as she was 26 when had total hysterectomy, my NaN was 39 and my sister 43......had them since I was 11, just a tad fed up now. Have got a blood test booked but no one has answers. Can anyone help at all?

thank you



  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Cuddles65 unfortunately there is no set age. Some people go through it very early and others can still be having periods in to their 60s. Are your periods heavy or just a light fee days and are they still regular. ? It may be worth speaking to your GP and ask him to book you in for a scan to check you don't have fibroids. They will make you bleed endlessly x

  • Cuddles65Cuddles65 Posts: 2

    Thank you for your reply. Periods are regular as clockwork still, Dr has given me tablets as very heavy but only for first three days, and have a blood test booked. Go from there.....just hope it’s sooner rather than into 6o’s!!

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