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Do I need HRT

I’m 52, been through the menopause, periods stopped over 8 years ago (at least). No hot flushes.
Should I be taking HRT to maintain bone health / for any other benefits!


  • MilaMila Posts: 9
    I’ve gone more for supplements to avoid hrt. Are you in the UK? Mariella frostrup did a pirogramme on hrt on the bbc on Monday night. Am about to watch it on iPlayer. I’ll let you know what I thin
  • MrsAverageMrsAverage Posts: 2
    edited November 2018
    Hi, yes I did watch it but I felt it addressed pros/cons of HRT and not who actually needs it. I do get brain fog but maybe that’s just age. I saw my gp who put me on the combined patch but I started getting my periods back and had really sore boobs so took myself off it. 
  • MomMom Posts: 2
    I would say if you have got this far then well done, carry on 
  • dizzyclamityjanedizzyclamityjane Posts: 3

    I started menopause naturally at 37. I'm now 51 haven't had much symtoms. However after watching BBC this week. I've had symptoms dizziness thought it was my ears but they are clear, anxiety so I'm on citalapram, my husband says I have mood swings cant say I do but he said I do!! My bones are starting to ache. I'm having night sweats only lately. So I went to the doc and I'm now on HRT. Just to protect my bones. Loved the BBC menopause week. Let's hope the above slows down. I must say the leaflet that comes with the tablets frightened me. Anyone felt the same.

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @dizzyclamityjane


    Yes - the leaflet that comes with your HRT is pretty frightening. Luckily I had done a lot of reading before I started my patches, so it didn't put me off, and since I'd had symptoms for a long time, I was ready for some relief!

    I read a lot of information from Dr Loiuse Newson that put my mind at rest, and I've attached a really good interview that she did on the Lorraine programme that covered a lot of concerns.

    Hope it puts your mind at rest!

  • dizzyclamityjanedizzyclamityjane Posts: 3

    Hi Kaz this made me cry, I wish o saw this years ago. It has reassured me SO much I'm doing the correct thing and going on HRT. I've had a terrible 10 years struggled with sleep and anxiety used alcohol to help and still do. I never knew this. I'm excited now about me getting "Normal" again. Thank you so much x

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Oh @dizzyclamityjane !!! Happy tears I hope!

    What brilliant things happen when we talk to one another!

    I was asked to appear this week on the BBC campaign, and quite honestly, I was absolutely terrified and almost didn't do it. The reason I finally agreed, was because talking and informing women makes a massive difference!

    I hope you begin to feel better really soon 😊

  • dizzyclamityjanedizzyclamityjane Posts: 3

    Happy tears for sure. I'm so happy I found this forum. :-)

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