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Nighttime heat

Susie1997Susie1997 Posts: 2

I suffer with a burning heat.not sweats at night. I'm 65 and thou6it would-be over by now.any advice from anyone please? Its really peeing me off as I can't get a good night's sleep.


  • BiggieBiggie Posts: 1

    I’m 66 and still suffer with awful night sweats and havnt had a good nights sleep for months if anyone hav any information about this would be very grateful

  • Holly10Holly10 Posts: 2


    At age 70 I also suffer from night sweats and being extremely hot most of the night. A night of sleep is a distant memory. My constant companion is my fan and the TV set or a book which help to get me through the night. I had thought that at my age all of this would be behind me, it becomes so depressing and the lack of sleep makes the days difficult. There just seems to be a lack of any help to combat these issues. The doctors seem only to have certain anti depressants which are meant to help but I don’t want to take this route. It seems we are on our own and have to put up with the situation.

  • vivijay61vivijay61 Posts: 1

    Yes I’m struggling with the same issue after coming off hrt. I’m thinking of going back on it as it’s so disruptive to my working day

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    @Susie1997 @Biggie @Holly10 @vivijay61

    Welcome to the Community Ladies! It's a supportive group with lots of lovely members, there's always someone to listen if you need to vent a bit. x

    I'm so sorry to hear you experience these symptoms, it's often rated as one of the worst of all. Must be really frustrating. I get random sweaty moments during the day too, although in my case it's not menopause-related. I'm on anti-depressants and it's one of the side effects. Terrible! I use a menthol cooling spray on my wrists every now and then and it tends to help a bit.

    Have you tried using a cooling pillow during the night? My mum has one, she puts it in the fridge for an hour and sleeps on it every day. Also bamboo is a super-soft, moisture-wicking material, I got her a pair of bamboo PJs for Christmas and she basically lives in them, haha!

    Certain food and drinks act as stimulants that can trigger hot flushes, too – including alcohol, chocolate, (caffeinated) coffee and spicy foods. Cutting these out might be a good way to start! (Although I'm not sure how to cut chocolate myself either...🙄)

    There are lots of things to try help hot flushes & night sweats, have a look at these articles, they're full of recommendations from our Community:

    Hope this helps, please let me know how you get on!

    Blanka x

  • Susie1997Susie1997 Posts: 2

    Thank you I'm thinking of buying a cool mat. Do any of You Ladies know if they work.

  • Holly10Holly10 Posts: 2


    Thank you for your comments, yes I have tried the cool pillow pad and all my night wear is cotton but I am still constantly very hot and uncomfortable. I will try cutting down on tea and coffee as I do drink a lot of these throughout the day. I just long for a nights sleep as it has now been years since I last had more than three hours in a night. The problem with this is that my body has now adjusted to this amount of sleep and although I feel tired during the day I do seem to have got used to it. I just hope that for other members of the group that symptoms go away at a more normal age than they have for me. I am lucky to have a husband who puts up with my irritability and bad temper.

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