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Can’t cope

Tegan64Tegan64 Posts: 2

Hi I’m new to the forum and everything I have read is like describing myself. I started having symptoms when I was 50, I am now 55 and not had a period for 3 months and in a nutshell I can’t cope with life, I feel as if I’m drowning. It’s affecting my life in ways I didn’t think possible and my marriage . I’ve been to my GP which was a complete waste of time. I have been taking Menopace and magnesium which just takes the edge of but I feel I’m probably immune to them now as I feel my symptoms are getting worse. I want to give HRT a go but I was advised not to as my aunt and my grandmother on mums side had hormone related cancer. Another another GP has said it’s fine. Please please if possible can you advise me if someone with my family history is able to take HRT as I feel I’m getting conflicting information, and I don’t know where to turn or what to do 😢..Thank you.


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Tegan64 . I'm sorry that you feel this way. The menopause can do awful things to not only our minds but our bodies, lifestyle and relationships too.

    HRT is not recommended for anyone that has had cancer in the family as it gives a greater risk to yourself. Has the Dr mentioned the mirena coil at all ? I was really against having it but I gave in and I have to say that I actually feel like I have my life back.

    This could be something you have a think about. It's really hard when a GP says you can't have HRT but then doesn't give you an alternative.

    Do you know if there are any menopause clinics near you ? If so ask your GP to refer you to them as they are really helpful and would be able to point you in the right direction.

    This is not something you should have to live with without help and support. X

  • Tegan64Tegan64 Posts: 2

    Thank you so much for clearing things up for me. I wasn’t aware I could have the mirena coil, and will defiantly go back to my GP.

    Absolute god send to have a information site like this..

    Wishing everyone a new year filled with health, love and happiness x

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi again @Tegan64 The mirena coil is safer as it is a contraception device but it is also widely used for ladies going through menopause. Virtually all of the symptoms have gone for me apart from joint pain which I use magnesium for and it really does help. I get the occasional hot flush but nowhere near as bad as before, I still get moody at times but I think a lot of that is just me not putting up with the rubbish from people that I may have done previously.

    Go and have a chat with your Dr and see if he agrees.

    Happy new year and good luck X

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