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Late menopause

DfairleyDfairley Posts: 2

Hi I'm 58yrs old last menstrual period was 9 months I'm going through night sweats, mood swings low libido and painful joints and bones. Gp sending me for pelvic ultrasound as she thinks I'm too old for it to be just menopause. Anyone else this age?


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Dfairley . GPs really annoy me when they say things like that. Your symptoms are typical menopause symptoms and age is irrelevant. I know people that have gone through it at 30 and also at 60.

    Would you consider HRT or do you want to try and get through this naturally?

    You could try menopace and magnesium, both of those would support some of your symptoms.

    May be try and see a different GP after Christmas for a 2nd opinion.

    Good luck x

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