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Chronic insomnia

VonnyVonny Posts: 2

Hello Ladies I am on my knees . Have chronic insomnia and now hellish anxiety and panics .. am 58 had a hysterectomy at 51 and didn't go on hrt .. am at my wits end .. I rest at night but can't get to sleep anyone else our there . Doctors are just throwing sleeping pills at me .. I have given up my job .. which I loved ... miserable ..



  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Vonny there is nothing worse than trying to get through a normal day when is all you want to do is cry because you are so tired. I've been there so I totally understand.

    Do you take any type of supplements to help you ?

    I take magnesium which really does help with sleep, I also take citalopram which keeps my moods on a normal level. Being so anxious can also stop you from sleeping as you are already dreading the night before it even comes.

    Lavender Epsom salts in a hot bath before bed can also help and spraying the bed with a lavender spray.

    When I'm really struggling I use a sleep app. I can be wide awake and angry because I'm so tired but I put the app on my phone and to this day I haven't yet got to the end of the app. You do have to really concentrate on it though and cut all other thoughts from your mind.

    Sleeping tablets are not always the way forward as they can make you feel groggy the next day. You need to reprogram your brain and body and learn to relax at bedtime.

    If you are really struggling get up. Do something for 10 mins then go back to bed. Try not to nap during the day and keep to a timed routine. Exercise is also great. Even a long walk helps.

    Good luck X

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