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New to this group - quick question

Hi everyone

I started going through the menopause about 4 years ago - I'm now 49 - and it has been hell. My GP tried me on pills, patches and also at one point was only interested in telling me to have the coil fitted! I switched to a private GP about a year ago and after numerous blood tests that saw me swing from plummeting hormone result to plummeting hormone result we finally seem to have got me to a better place. I'm on oestrogel (3 pumps daily), utrogestan (1 pill daily), Ovestin (twice a week) and testosterone (once a day) and in addition to that I also use a very small amount of 20:1 cream daily. My symptoms have largely disappeared, libido is back to normal, sweats gone, hair is thicker etc etc BUT I continue to struggle with my weight and this is a source of real depression for me. I have - very slowly - lost 8kg in the last year through HIIT training 4 times a week and being careful with my diet but WHAT ELSE CAN I DO ABOUT THIS?? It's really getting me down and I feel like I'm trying so hard but its two steps forward and one step back. I'm about 1.5st overweight right now. Any and all suggestions are welcome! My doc said the weight 'would normalize quickly' once my hormones balanced out but that just doesn't seem to be happening. 😪😪



  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Stevie1970 firstly congratulations on losing weight, 8kg is a huge amount and you should be so proud of yourself.

    Weight gain during menopause is something that I think about 80% of us struggle with, me included. The unfortunate thing is there is no quick fix. Weight gain is due to the hormone change in our bodies and metabolism slows down. You are doing all of the correct things and losing Weight slowly is so much better than losing it quickly as it tends to stay off when lost at a lb or 2 a week.

    The only healthy way to lose weight is healthy eating and exercise which you are doing both of so please don't beat yourself up. Wheat and sugar are the main factors to weight gain so cutting those out of your diet may help.

    Be kind to yourself X

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