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Menopausal at 60?

I’m pretty sure I went through the menopause between the age of 48 and early fifties but over the last year I have been getting lots of hot flushes, suffered with memory issues, fatigue, weight gain, insomnia and hair thinning. It’s almost as though it’s happening again.

To be fair, my symptoms were not that bad when I thought I was menopausal, so maybe I was wrong! Am I menopausal now? Very confused! Am I just getting old?


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @AnneLouiseDean . It's really strange as I was talking to a lady about exactly the same thing this morning, I was out Christmas shopping and in a queue complaining that I was hot, a lady in front turned around laughing and said it's awful as she thought she went through menopause years ago and all of a sudden the hot flushes have returned so it sounds like it's something thats quite common.

    Looking in to it it seems that it's all hormone related. We have a huge dip which is when the menopause starts but then our bodies even out then just as we think it's all over we have another hormone dip which in turn starts the hot flushes again. Have you tried any herbal supplements such as sage to help you ? X

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