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Weight Gain

I am new to the group, 52 and perimenopausal hit a wall about about a year ago did not know what hit me. gained 3kgs in 3 days. Long story short started on Divigel 1mg dose in March this year increased to 1.5mg in October. Magnesium 325 fantastic for my brain fog/motivation and energy. I have gain over 1.5 stone in weight and I have to say it is really getting me down. Try to keep to Slimming World diet and try to get to the gym 2-3 times a week nothing helping to shift the pounds wardrobe of clothes that don't fit me? Has any body tried anything and found it worked????


  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi @loopkitten,

    A massive welcome to you!

    So good to hear you found something to help you with brain fog and energy. It's definitely a good start. :)

    Oh yes, weight gain. It's so common during the menopause! Changes in your hormone levels – and in the ratio of hormone levels to each other – mean that you could start to gain weight easily, and find it harder to lose weight as well. There can be many other reasons too - genes, lack of sleep that makes you snack more during the day, etc. Do you eat relatively healthily? Too much sugar, snacking and alcohol can have an impact.

    Have you tried other diets? There's a lot out there, keto, alkaline, 5:2 etc. Here's an interesting article about diets & ideas for meal prep:


    Lots of women find that diet alone won't change anything though, it's all about sticking to a healthy lifestyle (which can be hard sometimes, I know), getting some good rest each day, no smoking and also reducing stress.

    Actually there are a couple of foods out there that can also help with many other symptoms, including tiredness, fatigue, etc. You might want to give this a read:


    We also have the lovely Sabrina @The_Menopause_Chef on board to give advice on healthy diet and share some good recipes. Simply pop your question here and she'll get back to you soon:


    I've also did some research and found that Divigel can cause weight gain too, have you talked to your gp yet? Might be worth discussing. x

    Hope some of these help! Let me know how you get on x


  • Oh tell me about it. I've always had to watch my weight but over the past couple of years I've put on 2 stone and am not happy. I can't seem to shift it no matter what. The only thing I'm taking is a Tesco Menopause Suppliment (for what good its doing) and have got other menopause symptoms too. I'm 47 so still got a long way to go. Just hoping I can hold off any more weight gain.

  • QueenmonicaQueenmonica Posts: 3

    Good morning,

    My weight has been totally out of control. Just this passed Friday I looked in the mirror and I felt so depressed about how much weight that I have gained in the past year or so. I feel so alone sometimes because of menopause and all the changes your body goes through.

    But I am going to try my best year 2020 to loose the weight for health reasons or should I say to prevent health issues. I have tried a lot of diets and exercises over the years but I will have to really stick with something and do it so I can feel better.

    For all the ladies struggling with their weight, I totally understand and like myself, I just have to remember you are never alone stay encouraged

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