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New to the group

Hello everyone

My name is Monica and I have been dealing with this crap since 2013 and I am only 52. I had the essure procedure done in 2012 it is a form of permanent birth control. I think it really put me in early menopause but of course none of the doctors will say it is true. It is nice to have a place to speak about all the issues of menopause. Sometimes I feel so alone with it. The restless nights with night sweats, the hot flashes, vaginal dryness and brain fog. Sometimes I don’t even feel like myself and I hate that. I am married and it is frustrating to have these symptoms while you have a loving spouse that still wants to be intimate with you and you struggle with this craziness of your body going through what I like to say metamorphosis.

I am done venting thank you for reading this and giving me a moment to vent.


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Queenmonica Welcome to the group. Menopause isn't easy to get through but as women somehow we manage.ive not heard of the essure procedure do can't comment on that but do you take HRT or any other supplements to help with your symptoms?

    I'm currently not on HRT but I do take magnesium for restless legs and menopace which do help slightly x

  • QueenmonicaQueenmonica Posts: 3

    Hi Julie,

    I tried some hormones a while back I can’t remember the name of them and I felt better for a short period of tine but I was gaining weight from them so I immediately stopped taking them. I can’t afford to gain anymore extra weight.

    Unfortunately, I am not taking anything it is so much stuff out there. I don’t know what products that I can trust hormones or supplements so I have been suffering on my own with it other than taking the introrosa that I just started taking again a couple of days ago. I know my weight doesn’t help and makes the issues worse

  • gillybeangillybean Posts: 1


    I came off HRT 4 months ago, as the new one I had was making me anxious. My previous one is unavailable. Gradually the hot flushes came back and now palque me every 2 hours, if I am lucky, or 3 in half hour. Sage and shatavari help wih the intensity and I am trying soy isoflavones. Before the flush I could shiver and feel cold and also anxious/sick at the same time. I have to carry mints or have mint tea for trapped wind in my stomach, so I burp a lot and keep apologising.

    I think calling this The Change is a huge understatement. I haven't had an uninterrupted night for 4 months and am very tired. I work 12hr shifts and recently I have started to get problems with my knees, which feel related to coming off HRT. Going back on it would mean I have to do this again when I am older and won't have money for all the supplements!! I tried Black Cohosh and it made me permanently nauseous.

    Does anyone have any suggestions that I haven't mentioned? I am also trying magnets. Too early to comment on any effect.

    If men went through this they would have been researching a treatment for years!!

    Does anyone else feel like screaming?!

  • kemerykemery Posts: 1

    Hi, new to the group.

    Age 51 and having hot flashes since my late 40's.

    no HRT

    Looking forward to learning.

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