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Pain bones

Hi everyone l am new here and am interested if anyone suffers from really painful bones and muscles. Some days l struggle to walk around. It's not all the time but l feel like an old woman. It's mainly my legs left hip and can be arms. I had cancer in 2008 and had chemo etc at that point was asked if l wanted to harvest my eggs. I had 2 sons so decided not too. Since then l have had one period a year not at the same time each year. I take black cash for sweating and flushes which works and stops the emotional crying at anything too. It's just annoying l still have one period but l suffer with the painful bones oh and lack of sleep which is part and parcel of it all l know so have symptoms of peri menopause ☺️😞


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Paula_bevan49 welcome and congratulations in beating the dreaded C.

    I suffer a lot with painful joints and muscles. I find that magnesium helps, it also works well for restless legs too. A lot of ladies will say magnesium citrate is the one to use but I just use the cheap and cheerful brand and find it works just as well.

    Good luck x

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi @Paula_bevan49,

    Welcome to our community! It's a lovely place full of helpful ladies - I hope you'll find some support here too. 💕

    Have you tried a muscle rub or a balm yet? My mother used to have awful joint and bone pain in her legs especially, so I got her a ginger one last Christmas and she absolutely loved it. Lavender is known to help reduce inflammation in the body too.

    Many women also like to use a microwavable wheat wrap.

    I'd recommend reading this article about aches & pains, there are lots of ideas in there:

    Hope this helps and let me know how you get on x

  • Karen74Karen74 Posts: 1

    New to the forum and starting to think all the changes i have been feeling over the past 6 months may be early menopause- You are post call my eye because lately I have been feeling pain in my bones in my legs similar to the feeling you get when you see someone fall in the chill runs through you. I also cant stay still in bed and my spouse says i move around a lot especially my legs. Is this similar to what you are feeling?

  • Hi sorry took a while to get back to you. I am very restless at night and can have quite alot of pain too. I am going to give magnesium a try. Holland and barrett have penny sale on at the moment so got Bath salts and tablets to try. ☺️

  • TanyaMorganTanyaMorgan Posts: 1


    I struggled with aching arms for a while. A really odd sensation. Also general aching joints. My gynaecologist told me they would come and go which I did not really believe, but I have to say now in the post menopause the aches seem to be less and less which is very encouraging as for a moment I though I must have on set of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis as I struggled to walk to the bathroom in the mornings. He also recommended Magnesium Citrate which I believe helps and also helps with sleeping. I take around 300mg every night.

  • Oh I can relate too. I'm 47 and had symptoms for the past couple of years which seem to be intensifying. The leg aches and pains make me feel like an old woman too and don't happen all the time. Its very frustrating as I consider myself to be quite active. I also have hot flushes and night sweats, and can tick quite alot of other things off the list too! I've been to the GP and had my bloods checked to make sure there's nothing else going on. And she offered me HRT which I turned down. I'm taking a menopause supplement from Tesco but I'm not sure if its making any difference. I'll try anything!

  • Hi bless ya l am taking black cohosh from Holland and barrett which l swear by l can't take HRT because of having cancer it works a treat it took a couple of weeks to kick in but l no longer suffer hot sweats and not crying at everything. Sage is good too which you can also get from the same place 😊

  • FlookieFlookie Posts: 1

    Hi. I have fibromyalgia and what your describing sounds very similar and would be worth disscising with your doctor.

  • Hi l have wondered about this l have spent alot of time at hospitals seeing one consultant or another about other health problems so tend to procastinate when it comes to going to Dr's. I must admit it does need sorting thank you for your post. 😊

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi @Paula_bevan49, just thought I'd ask how you're doing? Have you found anything helpful? x

  • SusieGSusieG Posts: 3

    I also get aching muscles, particularly during the end of a 12 hour shift (I'm a nurse) and the following day. Even the tops of my feet seize up, it's so weird, but it's mainly my left hip, and achey thigh muscles. Then it improves but I seize up if I sit for even a short time. I do exercise classes 3-4 times a week with no real problems and I am certain it's down to the menopause. I take a bunch of supplements including magnesium but I can't say anything has really helped. If it was present all the time I would be more worried but it isn't. Being active definitely helps but I would love to know it's going to resolve in time.

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi @SusieG,

    A massive welcome to the Community!

    I wouldn't be surprised to have achy muscles & bones after a 12 hour shift!😱

    I have really bad joint and muscle ache almost every day too, although mine is not menopause-related. I used to be a dancer for 10 years and when I stopped the pain got worse. Took me a while to find something that would really help, I used to (and sometimes still do) WAKE UP with achy thighs and feet with no particular reason. I found when I get a proper night's sleep, it's better though. Not sure if the two are connected in any way, but at least I know it's definitely helping!

    I also tried tons of remedies. I was recommended Vitamin D by my GP, been taking them for a month now. Then every now and then I use this cream called Biofreeze, plus a muscle gun. The latter is not the cheapest though and I was hesitating to get one first but I can honestly say it's amazing. Definitely a good investment so far!

    What supplements are you taking? Have you tried any muscle balms, oils etc. so far?

    Chat soon,

    Blanka x

  • SusieGSusieG Posts: 3

    Thanks. I take vit D, K2, turmeric, magnesium plus macca root, multi vitamins and red clover. None of it makes a huge difference. I do Pilates once or twice a week depending on shifts, yoga flow and body balance which is yoga and Pilates combined. I still ache first thing it it does go off with movement. I'm sure it's hormone related. I

    I just tend to get on with it now but I wish it would go..

  • flowergirl5flowergirl5 Posts: 9

    Hi @SusieG,

    I take Bioglan Glucosamine and I also heard from a friend of mine that Devils Claw is fab. Do you have other symptoms too? A visit to your GP might worth it, given that nothing seems to help much? x

  • SusieGSusieG Posts: 3

    I'm researching which type of magnesium to take as I do think it might help. Thanks for the other recommendations. I do get hot flushes, mainly now at night but these are a lot better than this time last year. I was on hrt but came off it as it didn't suit me and my gp, lovely though she is was pretty clueless. I'm happy to be off it and generally better from a mood perspective. I just get stuff and creaky!!

  • SleckySlecky Posts: 2

    Hi there, I have had agonising hip pain for 4 years , have been treated by a physio for suspected bursitis, seen a consultant, had steroid injections, xrays, mri scan and most recently paid to see a new physio who is interested in pain and menopausal women. She suggested that I look at diet and try cutting out refined sugar. I did and after one week I am truly amazed at the difference.i am continuing my quest as I can now sleep much better and am much more mobile. Combined with specific light exercises, I am a new woman and suggest that it is worth giving it a try. It is a complete detox, but quite remarkable.

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Slecky that's really interesting to hear and I'm so pleased it's worked well for you.

    How did you go cold turkey on cutting out sugar? I've tried it so many times but I love chocolate 😝.

    Have you found that other symptoms have disappeared too ? X

  • SleckySlecky Posts: 2

    I went cold turkey which has not been a problem. The pain was sooooooo bad that I imagined sugar to be poison much the same as drinking bleach. Kind of down the line of the Paul McKenna theory. My problem has always been chocolate but really only when I had a bite and then had to eat it all and another and another. not going anywhere near it has been easy.

    yes other things have also improved, skin complaints, psorisis. I also had to stop the HRT patches at the same time as there are none available in my area. I am trying Menopace and pretty impressed do far but early days.

    I am convinced that sugar is the Root of many of my problems and generally feeling much better and a bit lighter !

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Good morning @Slecky you are very inspirational and I believe that you are right. Sugar causes more problems than we like to admit. It's very addictive. Keep doing what you are doing. X

  • Derrion77Derrion77 Posts: 1

    Yes I have the same issues, my joints hurt my hip wakes me up at night it like a dole ache

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