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What to wear whilst sweating your a** off

Olivia445Olivia445 Posts: 1

HELP!! I'm sweating no matter what i'm wearing. Has anyone tried any vests, pants or tops or anything else that’s worked? Or regular clothes but lots of layers? Any advice is much appreciated!!!


  • Sandra_TSandra_T Posts: 5
    Bamboo everything x

  • My friend wears light button-up shirts with a light vest underneath, so if she gets a flush she can unbutton and get some air without flashing the world 😅 More layers does mean more laundry though so it's worth getting stuff that can stand a lot of washing without just falling apart
  • MilaMila Posts: 9
    I keep a spare top and wipes at work :)
    but I also like bamboo vests underneath
    Not sure if I’m imagining it but they seem thin and breathable
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