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Sweating at work! Hot flushes and sitting at a desk!

Sandra_TSandra_T Posts: 5
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I'm really struggling to concentrate at work! I feel like I'm having a hot flush every other second and don't feel confident enough to speak to my other colleagues about what I'm going through. Does anyone know how I can get my symptoms under control or bring up the topic with someone at work?


  • My friend invested in a really nice hand fan, she matched it with her work outfits and actually made her look quite sophisticated - not sure you could get away with it in every office but it sort of became her trademark, I even got myself one this summer when it was boiling 😂
  • marion_s91marion_s91 Posts: 10
    i've got one of those cooling sprays that i have out on my desk @SweatyBetty - it's pretty discreet and provides relief when i need it the most (all the time!) xxx
  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod
    Oh ladies! Its such a relief to see that I'm not the only one! I used to go from "normal" to looking as if I'd just got out of the shower in twenty seconds flat! Several times a day! I finally had to say to everyone in the office what I thought was happening, and mostly people just carried on! People were very accepting on the whole, and I made a bit of a joke out of it (when I really thought it was the furthest thing from funny!). I had a fan on my desk blowing cool air on me, even in the bleak mid winter! I used to wear cotton tops, and take a change of clothes. I always carry one of those tins of cooling spray, even now, and I always have cold water in a bottle wherever I go. 
  • haacker5haacker5 Posts: 1

    I have learned to layer. I have a tank, shirt and sweater. I peal as I get hot and put back on as I get cold. Same at night with blankets and comforter. I am not taking any medications other than natural vitamins and am able to get at least 6 hours of solid sleep before the night sweats kick in. I feel pretty good. Oh yeah - and a clean pair of panties in the purse - just in case! :) Best of luck, it is hard, but I figure in the scheme of life a few years is nothing.

  • mistys50mistys50 Posts: 2

    it's bad enough at home but at least can dress lightly stick head in freezer. The nights are awful even with huge fan on. My biggest problem is bring a nurse 12 hour shifts in a uniform .it is so stressful and tiring when just suddenly feel hot when trying to do tasks .

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Oh @mistys50

    Hospitals are always so hot too!

    I know what you mean. I used to sit at a desk and that was bad enough.

    Things are better for me now that I’m taking HRT - not completely under control, but I no longer have the same number of flushes and sweats that I used to. Night time is still an issue, but nowhere near as bad. I do find that if I have a glass of wine, or anything alcoholic, or I’ve had anything sweet or spicy, then I notice an increase in flushes. It does help to cut out the triggers. Just makes me a bit of a party pooper!

    I have a Chillow for my head that helps, my alpaca duvet stops me from over heating (mostly!) , and my fan is always on the go winter, spring, summer and autumn!

  • mistys50mistys50 Posts: 2

    think I will try one of the pillows .it helps to know other women experience the same issues I do find being at work the hardest

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    It's awful isn't it. I work in a hospital and they just can't seem to regulate the temperature. Even workmen that have come on to the ward have complained about the heat. I find that the only really thing that works while at work is to keep a fan on my desk and run the cold water on my wrists. It's not perfect but it does help x

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