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Kateolly1Kateolly1 Posts: 1

Hi ladies am suffering with sleep at night, insomnia, anxiety brain fog and generally feeling lazy. Amy suggestions on what I can take


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Kateolly1


    Are you currently taking HRT? Insomnia is something I've suffered with for year's, I take vitamin b12, D and magnesium which does help, I also use mindfulness sleep apps which also help as it stops you thinking about anything else other than what the person on the app talking so you drift off to sleep. As for the brain fog I'm still trying to find a solution to that one..

    Exercise is great if you can fit in a walk each day as I do think that we sometimes feel lazy as we haven't done anything due to being too tired, it's a vicious circle but on days that I'm not at work I try to take a long walk to clear my mind and get the muscles moving

    If you aren't on HRT have you considered it? And have you had your bloods done recently? You could be anaemic which is very common in menopause. It may be worth speaking to your GP or practice nurse and getting a full blood count and thyroid bloods done. X

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