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Any miracles?

Coco12Coco12 Posts: 2 ✭

Hello girls (Hoping to make you all feel young!)😉

I'm new to the site and pre-menopausal. 49 years old and had a year of irregular periods and hot flushes. I'm becoming more and more irritable and incredibly tired which is a big concern having always been so dynamic and full of energy until now.

I've just started a daily intake of magnesium, ginseng and hops. I've also heard that Maca is beneficial for menopuse too, so will look into that....I tried sage but it had no effect.

Any other tips for natural based miracle cures to hot flushes, irritability and fatigue?

Wishing you all a lovely 'cool' day....


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    I take magnesium. Vitamin d. Omega 3 fish oil. Turmeric and a multi vitamin every day. X

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