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Coping with hot flushes while at work

KazzamalkKazzamalk Posts: 1
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Hi I've stopped having periods for nearly 2 years now, but the hot flushes are worse at work ..along with one comes an overwhelming feeling of tiredness which just drains my energy ..anybody else feel like this?


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Kazzamalk

    Yes I do feel like that while at work. I wear layers so can strip down to a vest top and have the fan on me all day, I find that running my wrists under cold water can help a bit and I also take myself out for a walk when the tiredness hits. It doesn't usually last too long but I find that I'm constantly watching the clock so I can get home to bed. I also take my shoes off as find that when my feet get hot they swell up and that makes me feel worse. I keep a pair of flip flops under my desk :)

    Sometimes just small changes can make a big difference x

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