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Feeling up and down - okay then not okay

MaryMary Posts: 14

Hi I’ve come through a TLH with BSO for Endo cancer stage 1 successfully ( cancer gone) and up to now 7 weeks post op. I feel stronger but still have bad days on which I experience nausea headaches pain, insomnia, fatigue and my appetite is not brilliant overall. I’m being tested for anaemia. But I feel now I’m at the mercy of my emotions- today I feel flat - nothing - it’s not nice. Few days ago I went from feeling ok to irritable to agitated and them back to normal. My partner is the one who has take the brunt but I try not to offload. I don’t like feeling like this - is it worth talking to my GP? I’m 59 and post menopausal and off work on sick leave at the moment.

Mary xx


  • MaryMary Posts: 14

    Hi Julie

    feel a lot better as regards my emotions, headaches and nausea - I had a bad week when my Dad was rushed into hospital but things have settled down a bit. My appetite isn’t brilliant and I I don’t sleep at night but do get a few hours in morning when partner has gone to work. I still have random stomach pains. I Need to remember not to carry heavy bags as there are repercussions - I just feel guilty letting other people carry them- outwardly you can look fine but inwardly you are still healing - and my Mcmillan nurse has put a time on this of 12 weeks and said I should absolutely follow this advice as she keeps reminding me I’ve had major surgery and she said ‘when you are back you are back’ at work - I still get tired though after being out and about and some stomach pain and I did have a light bleed one day after being out but I carried a bag of shopping which I didn’t think it was that heavy - but I think that’s the the way u build ur stamina up but obviously being sensible too!! Oh I’ve also recently found out I’ve got gallstones but they are not giving me any probs at the mo. These were picked up in a recent scan looking at something else!

    Sorry julie I’ve written a bit of a report!! I have a tendency to do that! Lol

    thanks for getting in touch. Appreciate 😊

    Mary xx

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Mary

    Good to hear from you again. Will you please take the advise given and stop doing so much. Let others help you. You do not need to be superwoman every day. You have gone through so much mentally and physically you need to let yourself heal from the inside out.

    Take things one day at a time. If you need to lay on the sofa all day then do so. X

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