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When to return to work?

MaryMary Posts: 14
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I am 59 yrs old and had a TLH and BLSO to deal with stage 1b Endo cancer (successful and no other treatment needed). I was given 6 weeks off and had a fit note provided by the hospital. I have a couple more days before my note is up. I have made a lot of progress and have been driving short distances for the past week but very much up and down as far as my emotions and physical health are concerned and - I get low, irritable and tearful at times and also get intermittent stomach pains which are better than they were. I did have a bladder and skin infection in second week which set me back. I don’t feel 100% at this stage although a lot better than I was - I have to go for a scan for a pea sized lump under my skin where laparoscopic surgery was performed but could be scar tissue - the scan is to put my mind at rest. When are other ladies returning to work and how are they feeling at that stage - are they feeling well or not quite there yet and needed more time off?

Mary xx


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Morning @Mary

    Sorry to hear you are having problems. I haven't had the surgery you have so it's hard to give you a direct answer but I think you have to go with how you feel, I wouldn't advise that you go back to work too soon as you could end up doing more harm, only you will know when you are ready. Are work amenable to you taking more time off? Are they supporting you? Are you getting paid while you are off? If you aren't being paid does this mean you are struggling financially? Do you feel mentally able to return right now ? Is your job mentally or physically demanding? There are so many factors that you must take in to consideration.

    You have to do what is right for you. X

  • MaryMary Posts: 14

    Hi Julie - thank you so much for yr response.

    work is supporting me but only get SSP but I have some savings which is good!!!! I’m a medical secretary and it is a mentally demanding job but I know I would have support when returning - I work with amongst others - doctors nurses etc. So they would be very aware of what I have been through and the long recovery for this type of operation, where my whole reproductive system has been removed and it has impacted upon my mental as well as my physical health. I’m post menopausal but apparently the loss of ur ovaries can still have an affect on you at this stage.

    mentally I still feel fragile - my drive to work is a round trip of 26 miles but I have only been doing short distances so far.

    i am going to have a chat with my doctor to see if I am where I should be in terms of recovery- as I don’t think I’m quite there yet - possibly another week or two.

    my father is recovering from bowel cancer so have been very worried about him too which has probably affected my mental health.

    Mary xx

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi Mary.

    Did you have any luck with your GP to get more time off ? And how are you feeling now ?

    You are not only having to deal with what you have been through but also your dad. You have double worry and that's not easy, make sure you don't go back to work too soon otherwise you will just end up having to take more time off and that's when people you work with start to lose sympathy and patience.

    Look after you and your dad X

  • MaryMary Posts: 14

    Hi Julie - so nice of you to get back to me - my Dad is a lot better - he developed a big ulcer and lost a lot of blood but now he is a lot better and out of danger.

    yes I went to my GP and having more time off is no problem. I’m feeling up and down emotionally - ok some days or part of a day then feeling tearful . Then not feeling anything like today I feel empty - I feel irritable but don’t know why. I feel very out of sorts sometimes with no sense of well-being. That’s horrible. Is it normal to experience so many emotions? The feeling irritable and not knowing why is the worst. One day I went from feeling okay to irritable to agitated and tearful - to feeling okay again!!!!

    Mary xx

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Mary

    Glad your dad is on the mend. That's one worry you can start to eliminate now to concentrate on you. It not easy when you are not sure what is going on with your own mind and body to know what to do to help it I take a full concoction of vitamins every day. Vit d. Magnesium. Multi vitamin. Turmeric. Omega 3 fish oils. Whether it helps or not I'm unsure but it makes me feel better thinking that I'm trying something

    Look after you first X

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