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Am I going mad?

Bex77Bex77 Posts: 1

I feel awful. I’ve been peri for a while and hate what’s happened to me. Where has the kickass woman gone? I look in the mirror and cannot believe the balding overweight wrinkly bag is me. Since starting my menopause story my daughter was dx with leukaemia, my FIL died of bowel cancer, my dog died, my mum has just been told she has lung cancer and i got fired for making too many mistakes at work!! Please someone, anyone suggest something to make me feel better?


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Bex77

    First thing to say for sure - you’re definitely not going mad!

    I remember feeling exactly the same. Work was awful. Teenagers and their hormones. Elderly parents needing attention. All sorts of “life” happening. I wasn’t able to understand why I felt so out of sorts all the time and I felt like some kind of cartoon version of myself. It probably feels as if you’ll never feel like yourself again - but you will!

    When I read what you’ve been coping with too, it’s no wonder you’re feeling so horrible. I’m so sorry to read everything you have going on.

    What are you doing to cope with your symptoms? Have you spoken to your GP at all? It’s hard to know what to suggest until we know what you’ve tried to help.

    Might be an idea to take it back to basics. I’m attaching a symptoms checker for you to have a look at. You might be surprised to see how many symptoms you can tick off, and if you haven’t already spoken to your GP it’s a great first step to complete it and take it with you to help the conversation along.

    There are lots of things you can do to help cope with your symptoms, depending on whether you want to try a more natural route, HRT or a change in diet and lifestyle. There’s no right or wrong way to treat your symptoms - you need to decide what you want and find what works for you.

    We have lots of experts on the forum - they’re all very receptive to answering questions and giving you helpful tips. There are also lots of threads where you’ll find other women feeling exactly like you, and with lots of ideas to help you feel a bit better. 😊

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