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After HRT.

I am 60 years old and after 5 years of taking HRT, my GP took me off them this was last December. I was fine to start with but for the last 6 weeks all the symptoms seem to be returning. Night sweats, flushes, restless leg, weight gain, total fatigue, irritability and brain fog. Does anyone know if this is temporary or am I now gzving to make up for the five years of relief the HRT gave me. My husband of 40 years is very understanding and my children are grown up. But it's so annoying to think I might have got through it all by now if I hadn't taken hrt.


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hi @bellecasper3 ,

    That must be tough to cope with.

    I immediately thought of the attached article for you from Dr Louise Newson including the attached bit of information...

    “You have to stop HRT after 5 years


    Many doctors try and encourage women to stop taking HRT after five years. However, there is actually no good scientific reason for this. Each woman needs to be assessed individually for the time they need to take HRT for. The length of time you take HRT for is an individual choice and depends on your individual risks and benefits. If you are under 51 years of age then you need to take HRT until you are at least 51 years, regardless of the age you are when you start taking it. There is no specific age at which you need to stop taking HRT. I have some patients in their 80s who still take HRT.”

    Equally, there is no reason to believe that you would be finished with symptoms is you hadn’t taken HRT. It doesn’t delay menopause, it helps you deal with the symptoms. There is no set length of time that you should take HRT for. Some women take it for a few years to help improve their worst symptoms of the menopause. Many women find that when they stop taking HRT after a few years then they have no more symptoms of the menopause.

    However, if your symptoms return when you stop taking HRT this is not an effect of taking hormones, this is because you would still be having symptoms of the menopause at that time if you had never taken HRT.

    Some women decide to take HRT for a much longer period of time than a few years. This is often because they feel better and have more energy when they take HRT and they also want to benefit from their reduction in risk of osteoporosis and heart disease when they take HRT.

    It is an individual decision between yourself and your doctor regarding the length of time you will take HRT. This decision is usually reviewed on an annual basis.

    It may be worth a conversation with a different doctor if you feel you would be better off back on your HRT, or if you want to rule out some other medical issue which may be causing your symptoms, but hopefully this information from Dr Newson, will help with any conversation.

    Its also worth remembering that there are also other ways to cope with symptoms other than HRT, including lifestyle changes, good nutrition, exercise etc.

    I hope you can find something that suits. 😊

  • Thankyou. The article was very helpful. Now I have been off HRT for coming up to a year, and your article has helped me understand how HRT works, I am going to continue to try the natural way and hopefully find a balance without going back. I think this forum will be very helpful.

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    Sounds like you have a plan - and that in itself can sometimes make you feel better!

    Shout out if we can help at all, and remember to use the expert threads too if you have specific questions for them.😊

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