Hi there. I have mirena coil which comes to 5 years in january and i started Evorel 50 in may. All hot flushes gone and felt great but other symptons returned. These are a muzzy head, heavy feeling in calves and tender breasts esp the left one.

Told dr and he raised me to 75 weeks ago. No difference.

Do you think I need a new coil and the progesterone level isnt there? My hormone level is very high suggesting im in menopause. Sometimes feel i want to topple over!!!!


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    Hi @MargeSimp67

    Welcome to the forum!

    Its all so confusing isn’t it?

    If you’re coming up to five years with your coil, it’s possible that it’s not as effective as it has been. From memory, it gets changed at five years doesn’t it? Has the GP not suggested changing that as an option? For some of my friends on combined HRT therapy (not the same as yours, but just as an example) they find that their symptoms are worse on the progesterone weeks of their HRT cycle. I wonder if it’s the same for you?

    I also found that when I started my patches, it took a good while for things to settle. Initially the flushes went, and I began to sleep better, but I got really sore breasts, bloating and PMT-like symptoms that were new symptoms to me and took three or four months to settle properly. After six months, I felt it had all evened out, and that ties in with everything I’ve read. Two to three months to feel an improvement, but up to six months for the full benefits to be felt.

    For peace of mind, I’m glad you’ve decided to see a private menopause nurse, although it’s a shame you have to do that.

    You could always ask to be referred by your GP to a Menopause Clinic, specialists in all things HRT and menopause related. You probably will have to ask for that referral, and there are private as well as NHS clinics, but they should be able to help you get to the bottom of how you’re feeling. If there is one in your area and travel/distance is an issue - you can ask about a phone or "attend anywhere" consultation which is a bit like a Skype call.

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    Thanku Kaz

    The Gp had to refer to a gynaecologist for advice. They said to replace mirena coil for the progesterone and have a hormone blood test. If it had increased to up my estrogen to 100. My concern is whether im not taking to Hrt. Im also getting an indigestible feeling in my left breast. Not all the time. I work in a Bank and im in the Banking hall standing but i feel i want to sit down as my legs feel heavy which makes me feel strange. I didnt have headaches or anything pre menopause. I just feel i am never going to sort this problem out. If i come off hrt i will get the hot flushes return which is why i went on it in the 1st place....hence the planned visit to nurse who has written books and is an advisor to Gps!xx

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    So frustrating!

    I learned recently that not all gynaecologists are menopause specialists, so I'd want to know who was giving the advice to your GP.

    My breasts felt the way they did as if I was breast feeding again - that feeling I used to get when it was time to feed the baby. Full and sore and very uncomfortable - it was even sore to have my arm brush against the side, or wear clothes some days! I don’t know if you’ve experienced anything like that? It’s the only way I could try to describe it!

    I wasn’t prepared for the temporary side effects I had to deal with. It would have been easier, and less worrying if I'd known to expect them, and that they’d disappear again given time.

    I know it's hard, but you can sort this. I hope the nurse is a step closer to getting that result!

    Try and prepare yourself for that appointment. Think about the questions you want to be answered. Write them down and take a list. It helps me to focus and I worry less about forgetting something. Ask for a breast exam maybe? Take a symptoms list and as much information as you can to help her help you.

    This is a really useful list to help the conversation

    I hope that appointment is coming up soon! I’d love to know how you get on. Now that I have the balance of my HRT right, I feel so much better. It has taken a while though, so it’s worth persevering.

    K 😊

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    Yes i am going to take all my blood results. Im having a well womans health check too on wed so i will take all that with me.

    Thank u for advice and i will keep u posted. Of course the few palpitations are another story! Lol!!!!



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    Oh my! Me too! So many wasted appointments with symptoms of the menopause. I didn’t know what was happening to me, and neither did my doctors. The palpitations! I thought I was having a heart attack and even when the results of an ECG came back clear, I was convinced there was something seriously wrong.

    Of course, now I know that palpitations are a symptom of menopause. Hind sight!

    I’ll be thinking about you on Wednesday 😍

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