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Upset stomach with HRT pills &rapid weight gain in just over 2 weeks/Gas/Bloating - Help!

Hi ladies

Am I going round the bend here?.....Since I have started the tiniest low dosage of the combined, I have put on 2ks and have a continual upset stomach (don't want to put any of you off your dins/breakfast). slightly conflicting huh.

Pharmacist @GPs says very unlikely - had tel appt with actual Dr earlier this afternoon, who again says 'v unlikely'.

So it seems I 'am on the tail end' of a virus?

Anyone else experience this? The only positive after 17 days, is that my energy levels have increased and even though still not sleeping thro the night (sweats) I feel more positive in the morning, and I look less haggard!

Am seriously wondering whether I am going through a 'Placebo Effect'

Any advice would be appreciated, as I am still at that wonky stage of wondering whether I want to take pills for the rest of my life"!




  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hi @Pepster2022 ,


    I definitely don’t think you’re going round the bend. It’s unlikely to be fair, but I have heard other women saying they’ve experienced similar. I certainly had bloating and a constant growly/windy tummy - but it was temporary and settled down after a couple of months. If I understand what you’ve written, you’ve been on HRT for 17 days, so still early days. It takes a good few weeks for any side effects to settle down and up to 6 months to feel the full effects. Around the three month mark, I definitely felt a great deal better! It was such a relief!

    It could just be a coincidental virus - just rubbish timing!

    Far from putting weight on, I lost it - mostly because I felt so much better, I stopped resorting to snacking and the evening glass of wine I had got used to having to cheer myself up.

    I've now been on patches for around 9 months. I’m not even considering coming off them any time soon. I simply do not want to return to how things were prior to HRT, and I’m reassured by the quality of life benefits, protection for bones and from heart disease over the very small risks of breast cancer. I’m happy to do breast checks and have regular screening to stay as healthy as possible.

    Hope the tummy settles soon, and if you’re still concerned, or things get worse, then speak to your GP again. 😊

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