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Julie20Julie20 Posts: 309 mod

Morning ladies.

Apart from the normal symptoms that we all seem to get ( moods, depression. Anxiety. Insomnia) what new symptoms have you found that you have?

Mine so far is bad teeth. My friend has started wetting the bed which she is finding really embarrassing as she has a new boyfriend 😧. It would be interesting to see other things us ladies have had to encounter and what methods are you using to deal with them.

Let's get talking ladies. We are here to help and support each other through this battle X



  • Coco12Coco12 Posts: 2

    Hi Julie,

    New to the board and just posted my 1st message.

    I feel so sorry for your friend, that's awful and I hope she finds a solution pronto.

    I'm just going through the motions of seeing changes to my mind and body as I approach 50. It's an eye opener and I can't quite believe I'm here, talking about fatigue, hot flushes and natural remedies for menopause. We just have to crack on and remain positive through it all, however hard it is.


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 309 mod

    Hi @Coco12

    Welcome to this amazing group. I love your positive attitude to menopause, and you are quite right in what you say we do all have to make the most of it as it seems it's with us for a long time and I'm not sure we will ever go back to the old selves that we once were.

    It's a new venture in our lives that we must find the best way we can to cope with it x

  • gjh1967gjh1967 Posts: 2

    Hi Julie (and everyone)

    I too have just joined and this is my first post.

    I am 52 and menopausal. I've had the hot flushes, night sweats, physical changes such as weight gain, joint pains, veins that didn't used to be there etc. I've been very fortunate that I haven't really (touch wood) suffered mood swings and in fact I'm probably calmer now than I ever was when I was having periods!!

    My big issue is vaginal atrophy. In fact, I'm still not entirely convinced that's what it is. I have vaginal pessaries which I use twice a week and also estrogen cream 2 to 3 times a week. I use Epaderm lotion as a moisturiser which is pretty good. But I'm still suffering with this burning sensation around my bits, particularly when I'm sitting down. I have a desk job, so that doesn't help.

    I'd be really interested to hear anyone else's experiences of VA, to maybe compare symptoms - I feel I need a bit of reassurance I suppose.

    Thanks folks. Happy Menopause! :)

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 309 mod

    Evening @gjh1967

    Welcome to you. Was it your GP that diagnosed VA or a gynae? I think the problem with a lot of GPs is that they aren't actually clued up on menopause so just say what they think you want to hear, although you do have the symptoms of VA. I also constantly have a burning feeling but my GP keeps telling me it's thrush so like yourself I'm unsure.

    I think menopause, symptoms and treatment is so confusing to everyone including professionals that we all just winging it in the hope that we find something that works.

    I will do a bit more research in to VA and let you know my findings x

  • gjh1967gjh1967 Posts: 2

    Hi Julie20

    It was actually a doctor at a sexual health clinic, believe it or not! I'd convinced myself I'd contracted something awful as I was in so much discomfort.

    I have since had it confirmed by a gynecologist though.

    I have just invested in a chair cushion designed for spinal pressure, with a cut out section for the coccyx. I was told that the burning sensation is caused by pressure on the perineum so figured it's worth a try!

    Would be interested to hear anything else you find out.

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