hi I’m new to the forum and looking for some advice please. I’m 48 and had one period in the past 6 months or so however had terrible nightbsweats and flushes. Took Menolieve from Boots which had been great however these seem to have stopped working and swears and flushes have returned. Does anyone have any recommendations for these symptoms and your thoughts on HRT please. Thank you 


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    Hello @Jeskie,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Its frustrating isn't it? You find something that works and then something changes, and you find it doesn't work quite so well anymore. It's all down to the fluctuating hormone levels.

    I am now on HRT - but I had 14 years of symptoms, some similar to yours. I’ve tried lots and lots and LOTS of things to get some relief. Some worked well, others not so much! It’s very much a case of trying things, and not giving up when you don’t get the result you’re looking for!

    I remember an Ask Me Anything discussion on the forum in February with Maryon Stewart, where a lady in a similar situation to you asked for some advice. Maryon suggested a broad-spectrum multi-vitamin and mineral supplement like Fema45+ to get your nutrient levels into an optimum range.

    I had good results with magnesium (for sleep and aches and pains) and a supplement called Nutrition FX. I would always advise speaking to a pharmacist or GP before starting anything. Nutrition FX I thought, was fairly expensive, but I did find that it worked. It didn't get rid of all the symptoms, but it improved things like night sweats and flushes a whole lot!

    Some ladies swear by sage and black cohosh for the sweats. I tried them both with limited success. I also tried red clover, evening primrose oil, dong quai and the ladycare magnet, which I wore attached to my knickers! I have spent a fortune looking for answers over the years!

    I think there’s a lot to be said for watching what you eat - drinking lots of water, and eating well definitely helps. Our expert @The_Menopause_Chef is great for giving brilliant advice on food choices to help us! She’s also very receptive to answering any questions you have (all of our experts are!).

    I swear by the Clarity app by @Becks_Armstrong . It really helps to bring a bit of calm to my day, and helps me to sleep. Sleep (or lack of!) was the one thing that knocked me sideways. I could deal with most other symptoms, but it all got a bit too much when I was only sleeping for two or three hours a night. This app also has an Instacool session for those hot flush moments in the middle of the night (or anytime) when it all gets too much. I didn’t expect it to help, but it really did, and is definitely worth a try.

    I think the thing to remember is that you have choices. Lots and lots of choices! You will find something that works for you, and I’m testament to the fact that persevering and patience (not my strong point! 😊) is the key!

    Use the experts on the forum to ask any questions you can think of - they have a wealth of knowledge and they’re all very good at pointing you in the right direction. I’m pretty much on top of all of my symptoms now as a result of help from @Nicki_Williams and @Becks_Armstrong and HRT.

    HRT is a very personal choice. It work very well for me, and does for others too, but it's something you have to investigate and decide for yourself. I think the best thing to do is get informed and make your decision based on knowledge and informed discussion. I find that Dr Louise Newson talks a lot of sense, and takes the fear out of HRT.

    I hope you find something here that helps! 😊

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