Hi everyone. I'm new here and I guess I'm looking for people who understand what I'm going through and for reassurance that I'm not losing my mind! 
I'm 53, worsening hot flushes since the age of 42, periods stopped 3 years ago. Hot flushes, anxiety and low mood all seem to be getting worse and I'm hoping this is "normal". I've tried two lots of HRT pills which gave me bad headaches and two sorts of HRT patches which wouldn't stay stuck on - back to the GP this week to see what else I can try. Also having massage for high anxiety which is causing tension in my neck and jaw - I feel like I'm falling apart! 


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    Hello @Croakey66 ,

    Welcome to the forum! And please rest assured - you are not losing your mind. I often used to feel exactly like this. A lot of women will understand what you're saying, and will be experiencing similar.
    There are things you can try - my first lot of patches wouldn't stick at all. The second lot were great. I guess there are different glues with each brand. You could simply ask to try another brand of the patch.
    You could also ask to try a gel instead. If you still have your womb, then you'd have to get a progesterone element either in tablet form or via something like the mirena coil, but there are still definitely options for you.
    I used to suffer with awful anxiety and low mood too. Both have eased off with the HRT patches I've been using for the last 8 months or so, but I also use a mindfulness app to help with these symptoms too. I use the Clarity app - by one of our experts, but there are lots of others you could try too. I find that this one fits my symptoms well. It helps me sleep, calms my anxious mind, helps with flushes - and I love that it's been designed with women in mind. Since it's drug free, there's certainly no harm in trying something like this.

    Have a look at the attached symptoms checker - you might be surprised to see how many symptoms you have without realising it, and if you fill it in and take it to your GP with you, it should help the conversation along.

    Please be reassured that you're definitely not losing your mind!

    Hope this helps a bit! :)
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