just wanted to know does anyone else cry for no reason 


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    Hello @Manjit

    Nice to see you here again.

    Yes. Crying for no apparent reason can be another symptom of perimenopause through to post menopause.
    I'm attaching a check list for you to have a look at. With all the symptoms you've told us about this week, it might be a good idea to print a copy of it, fill it in, and take it to the GP to have a discussion about how you're feeling. It'll give you something tangible to show the GP, and will give them a clear idea of what you're coping with.

    Hope it helps!


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    Thankyou , did see the doctor last week who said I had iron  defincy   And he will treat that before worry about any other symptoms 
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    Hello @Manjit 

    Have you had a look at the symptoms checker? Perhaps if you can see all the symptoms you do have all together, and your doctor can too, they might be more sympathetic to your situation? 
    If you are having to wait for a while in order to see if your iron treatment works, perhaps you could keep a diary of symptoms and feelings to show your doctor too. That would also help them to make a diagnosis of peri/menopause if that is what you feel is happening to you.  Anaemia can make you feel awful too - tired, pale, weak, with headaches and dizziness amongst other things. I hope that your iron treatment kicks in soon to help you feel a bit better. :3
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