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Free health initiative for menopausal women to help with heart, bone and mental health



I am a clinical exercise practitioner and menopause advocate. I have worked in the health and fitness arena for 25 years; working on project's with Wandsworth PCT including Cardiac Rehab, falls prevention and GP Referral's.  I am passionate about women's health and would like to help women of menopause age falling into the above category.  As you know Chronic disease usually begins around the age of sixty, which makes the first ten years after menopause an ideal period for physical activity intervention and prevention to improve women’s long-term health. 

I have been piloting a scheme and looking to roll it out nationally; a free health initiative to encourage women to become more active. I am training volunteers; women who have taken control of their menopause symptoms to become walk leaders to deliver these sessions which will include evidence based exercise to help with bone, heart and mental health.  For bone health it will be bone loading for hips, wrist and spine which are the major sites of osteoporosis.

I am hosting an event in London to launch this initiative and to help raise money for the charity Women In Sport to further their research into physical activity amongst menopausal women.

I am also looking to recruit more walk leaders and participants; 

The initiative is free; I am training up leaders over the country to women who are happy to volunteer. 


 If you are interested in the above please email me on [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you,



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