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What is happening?

Jomcc77Jomcc77 Posts: 2

So....I am red hot all of the time...day, night, inside, outside, always the same! This has been the case for 18 months at least. I've had blood tests and apparently they were fine. I still have periods although they are different to how they used to be now. My boobs are sore for 2 weeks out of 4, I can't sleep and so on


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Jomcc77

    Welcome to you!

    It does sound very much sound like it may be time to have a discussion with your GP about your symptoms.

    Blood tests are infuriating - our hormone levels change so much at this stage that the results are inconclusive, and just not helpful a lot of the time. If you are over 45, your GP does not require blood tests to confirm a menopause diagnosis. Their diagnosis will be based on evidence of the symptoms you describe.

    Any change in your periods, (eg length of cycle or blood flow), sore boobs, feeling hot all the time and insomnia would all indicate to me that you are experiencing menopausal symptoms. I’ve attached a helpful symptoms checker to give you something to complete and take to your GP to help with the conversation.

    I hope that’s helpful for you.😋

  • Jomcc77Jomcc77 Posts: 2

    Thanks for that, the symptom checker is exactly what I needed. I'm only 42 so a trip to the Drs is definitely my next step.

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