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I'm having hot flushes terrible at work and home during the day more so than night,I'm really struggling to cool down especially at work and today I got so upset and teary over it I ended up coming home early....


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    Hello @ladyclair ,

    You're not alone! I used to suffer the same thing. I'd quite literally be dripping all over my desk - absolutely mortifying. I used to go from "normal" to looking as if I'd just got out of the shower in twenty seconds flat! Several times a day! I finally had to say to everyone in the office what I thought was happening, and mostly people just carried on! People were very accepting on the whole, and I made a bit of a joke out of it (when I really thought it was the furthest thing from funny!). I had a fan on my desk blowing cool air on me, even in the bleak mid winter! I used to wear cotton tops, and take a change of clothes. I always carry one of those tins of cooling spray, even now, and I always have cold water in a bottle wherever I go. It's awful isn't it? Now on HRT, I no longer have to deal with regular flushes.

    What are you doing at the moment to try and help? Any supplements? HRT?

    Have you spoken to your GP about what's happening to you? Have a look at the symptoms list I'm attaching. You may be surprised to see how many symptoms you actually have. Perhaps that would be a good starting point to take to your GP to try and get some help?

    There are lots of things you can do to help you with flushes. I'm attaching some helpful information from the British Menopause Society. See what you think!

    Otherwise we have lots of information on the forum to help you deal with the flushes - give me a shout if you need some help finding information on something specific 😊

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    I have been suffering really badly with hot flushes i can feel the beads of perspiration all over and I am really conscious about it feel like pouring an ice bucket over myself any suggestions

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