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I'm a newbie and premenopausal. I can relate to most of the comments I've read so far has lifted some of this heaviness and paranoia, I'm actually not alone! I'm in tears as I write this, I wouldn't wish this on anyone! I've suffered with depression in the past but this is just horrible, almost unbearable. I have a male manager and he just couldnt begin to even understand, when my mood is low he takes the opportunity to be overly passive aggressive and naturally I bite, may lose my job. Home is also a challenge with 2 10 year old twins who have strong characters. Anyway, I'm rambling. Thanks for creating this group, it's really needed and actually a life saver. Bless you all x


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    Hello @Bee72 ,

    A huge welcome to you!

    It's very powerful to find all these women experiencing similar things to you isn't it? It helps to put things into perspective, and makes you feel a little less alone!

    Have you been to see your GP to get some help, or have you looked at any supplements or other ways to manage your symptoms?

    I'm like you - and have had bouts of depression for years. The low mood that comes along with peri/post menopause is definitely different. I tried to explain it to my GP last week when I called to ask for an increase in my HRT. Although Ive been feeling much better in the six months Ive been taking it, the low mood had begun to creep back in again, and I wanted to get it under control. "How do you know it's hormones and not depression?" she asked. I told her I know my own body, it feels very different from the depression Ive experienced before, it's not constant. It comes and goes in the blink of an eye. I can be absolutely fine one minute, and so angry and low the next. Bursting into tears at the vet and seeing the look of horror on the receptionists face was the catalyst that sent me back to my GP again. A few days on, with an increase in dose, I'm back on the straight and narrow again.

    I think my message to you would be - go and get some help. You shouldn't try to soldier on. Whether you opt for HRT, or a more natural way to cope, there are definitely things you can do to help yourself feel better, and that in turn, will help you cope with a "difficult" boss and boisterous twins!

    If you have questions, shout out! There's always someone happy to offer help 😊

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    Thank you so much Kat, close to tears reading your response, yes someone understands! Tour advise is most welcome and really helpful. I've been to my GP so many times, when I went s few years ago I was told I was too young! A compliment on one hand but really not what I needed to hear as I came away feeling like I was losing my scruples! As you righlty said, i know my body! I've had many blood tests which have all come back ok. I'm not sure about the hrt and would probably go for more natural means if there are any. I wouldn't usually engage in forums but I am desperate to get practical advise and suggestions from real people who do t think I'm over exaggerating. Thanks again Kat, you'll never realise how much your response and welcome mean to me right now x

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    Hello @Bee72 ,

    I do know it feels - and the thought of women out there struggling upsets me just for that reason!

    Blood tests are hugely inconsistent! Our hormones are all over the place at this time in our lives, so it's no wonder the results are really not very helpful in terms of measuring those hormone levels.

    We have lots of really helpful discussions about all sort of things on the forum. If you're looking for information on natural ways to treat your symptoms, it's all there for you. Remember you can always Ask The Expert too.

    Whichever way you decide to go, there are options for you, and that's such a relief!

    If you have any questions at all, or you just want to chat, there's always someone here! ❤️

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    Thank you so much Kat, your encouragement and information available on the site is a comfort and gives me great hope! Many thanks again 🤗

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