Mouth ulcers

hi all, has anyone been suffering from mouth ulcers? I have had chronic ulcers, 26 on the back of my tongue. I was given steroids and the ulcers went away. However, when I stopped the steroids, they came back. I had been told it could be Crohns, but my tests have come back normal so I am looking for answers.


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    Hi @wattoo1971

    Sorry to hear you are going through this. It must be so uncomfortable for you. What is the GP doing now that Crohn's testing came back normal ? There must be something going on for the ulcers to keep coming up. You find with Crohn's people Generally get a lot of abscess around the groin area which is usually a good indication. I work for the NHS so when I go into work tomorrow I will ask one of the dr's for some advice and get back to you if that's ok ? It could be that you have an intolerance to something you are eating so try keeping a food diary every day and see if anything you eat or drink is triggering it.

    Good luck x

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    Thanks Julie I am eating very plainly. I am looking for answers as I am having to go to a disciplinary for being off ill and my score on the Bradford scale has triggered a hearing. I am. Looking for information tom take to the meeting.

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    Hello @wattoo1971

    When the GP diagnosed B12 deficiency for me last year, one of the symptoms I had were mouth ulcers. Not as many as you by a longway, but maybe that's something for you to look at?

    Hope you find an answer 😊

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    Hi @wattoo1971

    It doesn't take much to send the Bradford score flying does it. Mine was 1586 when I was constantly off after foot surgery. It's now 291. Still not great and I've got to have more time off for gynae surgery in a couple of weeks.

    Even though you eat very plain you could still have an intolerance to something like wheat or diary, believe it or not a lot of people have intolerance to tomatoes.

    Good luck tomorrow, I hope it goes well for you, X

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