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CeiliDh71CeiliDh71 Posts: 1

First time on this forum Came off pill 8 months ago at age of 54 & experiencing anxiety, sleep problems , tearfulness, mood swings and irregular heartbeat (diagnosed by GP). Experienced night sweats on and off for years but increased recently. HRT not really an option as in higher risk category for breast cancer. Do all the healthy living - exercise, meditation, moderate physical exercise daily but feel totally lost at times. Am I going mad? Anyone else got any advice about how to get out of this rut? Sorry for ramble......


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @CeiliDh71 ,

    Thanks for joining us on the forum!

    Bless you! That's not a ramble! I get exactly what you're saying!

    It's hard to know what to do isn't it - but it's exhausting being like this all the time, and you end up feeling like some horrible cartoon version of yourself.

    You're certainly not going mad - any one of us reading your post will recognise some, or all, of the symptoms you're describing.

    So - you can't take HRT. There are lots of natural remedies available to try. It can be a bit hit and miss until you find something that works for you, but you do have to persevere until you find that something, and when you're feeling rubbish, sometimes you just don't have the patience for that.

    I've attached a few ideas for supplements you might like to think about - or have a read through the expert section on our website. Maryon Stewart has some great information on which supplements to try.

    You already exercise and practice meditation - both are good for keeping symptoms at bay. I use the mindfulness app Clarity (https://clarity.app/) to keep my anxious mind in check. I find it really helps, but I still struggle occasionally, and I think it's good to remember that it's OK - you don't have to be OK all the time. I also use it for other menopause symptoms too including insomnia, hot flushes and loss of libido. There is also the option of speaking to your GP for a low level anti depressant to help you. Perhaps that's something to think about?

    I'm also attaching an article about managing menopause anxiety by Clare Shepherd - she's a health coach who specialises in natural ways of dealing with menopause. I was looking for help with this myself last night. I hope you find it helpful too.

    If it's any consolation at all, I had a horrible blip myself this week, (despite finally being on HRT and feeling hugely better on the whole), I found myself sobbing at the vets this week. Completely out of my control, and the look of horror on the receptionist's face is funny now, but was mortifying at the time. Worse. With a really sick puppy, I was back at the vet a further four times the same day, and each time I could see the young receptionist trying to find somewhere to hide every time I walked through the door. I think the thing we need to do, is to be kinder to ourselves. I found myself having a conversation with the reception ladies and explaining that the menopause sometimes makes us do things outwith our control. The reaction was reassuring, and took away some of the embarrassment from my earlier visit.

    It was a bit like posting on the forum - I find it reassuring knowing that I'm not the only one going through this, and that helps enormously! 😊

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