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Help needed

SandSand Posts: 1

I have lost myself! I have lost my mind, my smile, my sense of humour and my sex life ! I know longer even recognise myself.

I don’t sleep well very light and disturbed by anything especially my husbands snoring 💤. I started the menopause at 40 spent ten years on hrt and make off it at 50 I’m now 53 and am finding it hard to cope. Tried going back on hrt but they no longer do the one I was on tried lots of others but they give me terrible headaches, I’m prone to them.

tried St. John’s Walt and black cosh anti depressants and patches , they all give me headaches.

I want my life back I miss the person I was.help


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hi @Sand

    Welcome to you!

    Oh! I recognise a lot of what you're saying.

    For a long time I just didn't feel like myself - and I didn't much like who I'd turned in to!

    I've tried a lot of the same things you have, and although I'm currently taking HRT, I also take 5HTP to keep my low mood in check. It seems to work well for me, and has kept me from returning to the anti depressants I've used in the past. Not that there's anything wrong with anti depressants - I simply wanted to stop using them after almost 20 years on them.

    Like St John's Wort, you can't use 5HTP if you are currently taking anti depressants, but I do think I feel some benefit from these where I didn't with St Johns Wort. I also get migraines, and it doesnt seem to increase the frequency of these.

    As with any medicine or treatment, you should discuss with your GP or a pharmacist before starting something unfamiliar just to make sure there are no interactions with any medications you may already be taking or any medical condition you currently treat.

    I also use a mindfulness app to help me sleep - and that has helped transform my nights! Can't imagine bedtime without it anymore. Perhaps that might help for you? 😊

  • ManjitManjit Posts: 7
    why does peri menopause make you feel like a different person ,not enjoying the things like before 
  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod
    Manjit said:
    why does peri menopause make you feel like a different person ,not enjoying the things like before 
    Oh @Manjit
    Welcome. I know just what you mean. The hormone fluctuations completely alter the way you feel, the way you view yourself, and how you behave. It's overwhelming at times. 
    I think the thing you need to decide is what you're going to do about it. Be positive. There are lots of options for you - a change in nutrition, some supplements, or a trip to your doctor to discuss HRT perhaps. 
    I would spend the evening reading through some of the posts on the forum. There are lots of ideas about what you can try, and if you have questions pop back and ask! We're always willing to help if we can 😊

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