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My heart is breaking

sroonsroon Posts: 3

Please please anyone that can help me with this ache I have. I feel I’m going mad and I’ll never be happy again


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @sroon

    I'm so sorry you feel this way. Is it the menopause or has something else happened? Menopause treats us all very differently and some struggle a lot more than others. May be you you start by telling us what is bothering you so much at the moment, we may then be able to offer you some advice best served to you.

    Always remember you are not alone X

  • sroonsroon Posts: 3

    Yes it’s the menopause. Also my mother in law has altzimers and my husband cares for her and I feel so selfish when I need him or I need a holiday. I should also say I’m disabled so I’m not able to help. I can’t talk at the moment as I feel so bad

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @sroon,

    How devastating for you!

    My Gran had Alzheimer's, and as a family, we looked after her for a long time. It's utterly exhausting, both physically and mentally. Add in your disability and the menopause and it must feel completely overwhelming for you and your husband. I'm so sorry that you're struggling with this.

    Would you be able to make an appointment to go and see your GP to discuss how you're feeling?

    Are you getting any help at all?

    We had help from some local Alzheimer/dementia Charities - perhaps there is something similar in your area that would give you and your husband a bit of respite occasionally. There was also a local drop in centre that my Mum used to go to. It was a combination coffee club, support network, discussion group for people looking after dementia patients. She used to find it helpful for finding local contacts and support to help care for Gran.

    I know it's not easy, and I hope you can find the strength to ask for some help whether for your menopause symptoms or to help you both cope with looking after your mother-in-law. 😊❤️

  • sroonsroon Posts: 3

    Thanks hon so much for your kind words. We have some help for Mona but it isn’t enough and the gov here in Ireland have put a hold on help and care at the mo. I’m going to ring my GP tomorrow as I just can’t do this anymore. I’ll keep you updated. I know I definitely need HRT. Otherwise I’ll go completely off my head. I appreciate all your advice and I thank you again so very much for the wonderful advice

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