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Severe pain

SJHall3SJHall3 Posts: 3

Hi there I’m new here. Just wanted to ask if others suffer with back/hip/knee and pelvis joints that are so bad they feel barely able to move when fist getting out of bed which continues although gradually reducing throughout the day?


  • FlowerFlower Posts: 1

    Hi. I’ve just joined this forum and I am having this same discomfort. I couldn’t believe you’d posted this. I’ve had blood checks and I am healthy, I’m peri menopausal since I do have irregular periods. I’ve found movement and stretching is helpful. I wonder if this is menopausal.

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello ladies,


    Do either of you take a magnesium supplement?

    I used to have trouble with my knees in the morning - really stiff and sore and took a while for me to get moving! Since I've been taking magnesium, the problem seems to be less noticeable (and magnesium is also helpful if you're having trouble sleeping!).

    Some women also use turmeric or glucosamine as supplements. As always - please check with a pharmacist or your GP before taking anything unfamiliar to you.

    It's definitely another of those troublesome symptoms!

  • SJHall3SJHall3 Posts: 3

    Thank you both. I have recently started taking magnesium but maybe it’s too early to tell if it’s beneficial. I’ve also been taking glucosamine but irregular so I probably need to be more consistent. My main worry is that is fibromyalgia symptoms 😩. Have you spoken about this with your GP Flower?

  • SJHall3SJHall3 Posts: 3

    Also Flower I am finding it very difficult to stretch these days as the pain is so bad some days. I have an appointment on Tuesday to discuss Fibromyalgia and menopause. Already had plenty of bloods done and always normal. Oh the joy!

  • Kazza123Kazza123 Posts: 21

    Hi i suffer with really bad pain in my back, hips , legs and feet its awful some days they feel like lead weights and can hardly move them feel like i could cry as so painful anybody got any tips

    Thank you

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hi @Kazza123

    That sounds awful for you. And exhausting!

    What have you tried so far?

    I certainly feel better, and much less stiff and sore now that I'm on HRT - but I still also take my magnesium supplement, and because I feel so much better on HRT, I'm beginning to lose weight, so I expect that's helping me too - but I know that lots of women with no weight issues suffer with sore and painful joints during menopause too.

    Have you seen anyone about the pain you're experiencing?

    I'm attaching an article I read this week about joint pain - it's an American article, but it has a few interesting ideas that might help. 😊

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