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Hi I am new on this forum and I have just started suffering from night sweats I was told I was perimenopausal last year I already suffer from anxiety and panic attacks also low mood swings I have a partner but lately I get the feeling that he understand me he definitely doesn't listen to me any more all he is interested in his his own stuff ie punk and skinhead music which is not my thing also he's too angry and wants revenge on people I am starting to think I should leave him as am feeling at my wits end does anyone have any advice as I have a history of self harm and suicidal tendencies and the symptoms I am suffering from are not helping sorry for the moan just needed to get it all off my chest if anyone can help me with any advice thanks fd


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Marienicholls ,

    Thanks for joining us on the forum.

    I see @Nicki_Williams has given you some advice with regards to helping with your symptoms. Fingers crossed that there is something within the blogs that you find useful.

    I'm sorry that you seem to be having such a tough time. With your history of self harm and suicidal thoughts, I thought it was important to share some contacts and information with you.

    As for your partner, it's very hard to offer any kind of advice. None of us know what goes on in someone's relationship, and any decision to make changes to a relationship is a very personal choice.

    I wonder if it would help your partner to understand some of what you're going through by being in contact with other men dealing with similar? Our expert @Maryon_Stewart has a private Facebook group just for men called Men-o-pause. Its aim is to educate and inform men how best to support the female/s in their lives through menopause & have a friendly space to share their experiences. Perhaps that's something your partner would find useful?

    Please also have a good look around the forum. There are lots of great discussions about all sorts of issues, including anxiety and low mood. I hope you will find something helpful that you think you may want to try. 😊

  • MarienichollsMarienicholls Posts: 6

    Hi kaz thank you so much for your reply and you're welcome thank you I am sure I will find something in the blogs that will help me thank you for your kind words and that's OK it is not your fault thanks so much for the information I will most definitely check those out I know sorry for saying all I did I just didn't have anyone else to talk to and when I found this forum I thought there might be some useful information and advice I know it's very difficult thank you for sending the other information for my partner I will get him to take a look at it and fingers crossed it might help him to understand what I am going through as sometimes it's hard to explain to him how I'm feeling as a lot of the time it's like walking on eggshells sorry about moaning again it's just really good to have found other people who understand how I am feeling yes thank you kaz I will certainly have a good look around and yes hopefully I will find something that will help me you have been more than helpful thank you so much for getting back to me about this would it be OK to let you know how I get on thanks for helping look forward to hearing from you soon regards Dawn

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