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Sylk is a small, family-owned business that was born out of a passion for wellbeing and women’s health. Discovered on a trip to New Zealand in the 1990’s, at a time when there were no other natural, pH friendly personal lubricants on the market in the UK, we could tell there was a need for a kinder, plant based solution to vaginal dryness in the UK.

We quickly gained the support of leading Health Professionals and organisations such as The British Menopause Society, The National Federation of Gynae and Oncology Nurses and CORST who saw the positive effects it was having on patients.  In 1997 the product was approved by the NHS to be listed on prescription and sold over the counter.

One of the key challenges facing us has always been the taboo that surrounds menopause and vaginal health.  We know that 80% of menopausal women will suffer with vaginal dryness, yet only 1/3 seek medical help. Many are too embarrassed or think “it will just go away”. Left untreated, this condition can have a massive impact on our self-confidence and relationships.  We may stop wanting to have sex because it’s painful. Our partners may think we are rejecting them which can lead to relationships breaking down.

The onset of menopausal symptoms, like vaginal dryness, can often be subtle and can start even before our periods have stopped.  This is peri-menopause and is often a time when symptoms can be at their worst as our hormones fluctuate. It is only recently that Peri-Menopause is being recognised and that women should receive support and treatment, even if their periods haven’t stopped.

We are now forecast to live much longer because of better healthcare.  Whilst this is brilliant it does mean we could now be spending a third of our life post-menopause.  As vaginal dryness is the one symptom that doesn’t ‘go away’ it is vital that we make sure we know how to manage it so we can continue to have fulfilling sex lives and feel comfortable day to day.

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  • KNA67KNA67 Posts: 2


    I’ve been using sylk for some time now and found it very helpful. I do suffer dreadfully from from lack of vaginal elasticity which causes painful sex which is causing frustration for both and my husband. Do you have any advice? I am unable to use HRT as I have Lupus. Thank you


  • SylkSylk Posts: 4 Female Dryness Expert

    Hi Karen

    Thanks for your email. I'm sorry you are still finding sex painful and whilst I understand you can't take HRT, have you discussed whether you could have topical oestrogen like Vagifem or something similar? This is localised to the vaginal area and applied topically so may be okay for you to use. I would talk to your GP or even go to a Menopause Specialist - here is is a list that the British Menopause Society have on their website and contains both private and NHS clinics.

    There is no limit on the amount of lubricant you can use and you can also put it on your partners' penis too which may help as well.

    Let me know how you get on with and if you need any further help,

    Nicky Gaylor

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