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Perimenopause? Is this what's happening?

Annie2001Annie2001 Posts: 5

Hi, I'm new here, 52 years old and confused.

I still have regular periods but I feel like I have pmt for 3.99 weeks out of every 4. I sleep well have an occasional flush but mostly I find everything annoying and just feel that I cannot bothered. I work full time and exercise by going a long walk once a week and go to a spinning class once a week so do try and keep relatively active. I asked the dr about a year or two ago for a blood test but she said I didn't need one as I was in that age group already. I feel that I am just a moody cow own and that saying I am perimemopausal is just an excuse. Is it? I'm just confused.


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Annie2001 ,

    Nice to have you here with us!

    It sounds very much like you could be perimenopausal.

    Permanent PMT, can't be bothered, occasional flushes, moody. All sounds familiar! And it's certainly not an excuse!

    Your doctor is right - after the age of 45, they won't do a blood test to confirm hormone levels because your hormone levels will be fluctuating so dramatically, it's hard to get an accurate result.

    I've attached a list of symptoms - you might be surprised to see how many you recognise.

    It's really up to you whether you feel it's having enough of an impact that you want to have a conversation with your GP, or perhaps you prefer a more natural approach. Either way is fine. We have lots of interesting conversations on the forum with lots of hints and tips for coping with all sorts of symptoms. If you have a specific question - just pop back and ask us, or one of our experts.

    Hope this helps! 😊

  • Annie2001Annie2001 Posts: 5

    Oh me, I think that’s definitely the stage I am then. I’ll need to get a tee shirt printed saying that I’m peri menopausal so just don’t! 😂😂

    Thanks for your reply 😉👍

  • Raine4Raine4 Posts: 2

    Hi Annie

    I'm exactly where you are, regularly periods but quite a few symptoms on the above list. I don’t feel like I’m in Menopause so I don’t mention it but I don’t feel normal either! I’m with you with the tee shirt though! 😊

  • Annie2001Annie2001 Posts: 5

    I didn’t mention it much before but now I feel I have to as i just don’t feel right, just as you said. The folk I know either don’t have this yet or just tell me it just your age, which doesn’t really help. I’m trying Menopace original tablets and do wonder a little if they are helping. I don’t want any time I go on HRT as too scared.

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hi @Annie2001

    I completely understand your concerns about HRT.

    I was concerned too. If your Menopace is working, and you feel better, then that's great. There are lots of ways to treat menopause symptoms, and whatever works for you is an entirely personal choice, which is exactly how it should be!

    I do think though, that we need to have information so that we can make informed choices, and this video might take away some of your concerns around HRT. That way, if in the future, HRT is offered as a way of treating your symptoms, you can make a decision without the fear.

    Hope it helps!

  • Annie2001Annie2001 Posts: 5

    That clip was very good. I have occasional migraine headaches, have done since i was 15, so that is another thing about not wanting to try HRT. I always come up with another reason not to give it a go when I get a slight thought thatI should give it a go.

    I think I will stick to the Menopace tablets meantime, continue walking and going to my spinning class and see how it goes. Oh and try better deep breathing when someone annoys me, which will be pretty much every 3 minutes! Ha ha

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Sounds like a plan @Annie2001!

    I would leave things as they are too if you're feeling fine. Don't be out off by the migraines either. I wasn't allowed HRT for a long time (16 years!) and I only recently persuaded the GP to let me try patches. My migraines have all but disappeared - partly because they were caused by stress, and because I'm feeling so much better on HRT that I'm not stressed any more and the migraines have almost gone!

    Just tuck that bit of info away, and if you ever get to the stage where you think about trying something other than what you're doing now, don't rule out HRT because you're worried about it or because of your migraines!

    And as good as the HRT is, I'm still doing the deep breathing thing way too many times every day!! 😄😂😁

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