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I feel that i will get sacked


Hi , i will be 47 years old in July and it all started In February this year when i came on my period 3 times in a Month , its like PMT all the time and ave been suffering with period pains, that much that i had to take 3 days off work. I feel that am losing it and ave been trying to keep it together at work. I have told them of my symptoms but then just been suffering in silence as dont feel am getting any support with my Team Leader. She was very supportive but that just stopped in February and i dont know why. I became very enclosed at work.

Last week i had a call from a customer she was very distressed and i was trying to help her and i was agreeing that too many people in the uk unsure how the conversation came about but i was just trying to make her feel better as she was distressed, so i went out of my way to help her and she said that i was the nicest person she has spoken to in the office. I dealt with her complaint well.. I was called in the office a few days later about the call with the customer which was listened to and i feel they were accusing me of being prejudice then i had a melt down and said i was helping the customer. Anyway now that i have calmed a little i can see that i shouldnt of agreed i just got lost, feel have no control over my mood , emotions, everything is getting to me.

I had a scan and that came back normal , i did my own test for menophase but was negative, awaiting on blood test from the doctor. Now i havent come on in 2 Months and still getting pain, and my app with the hospital is in August. Anyway i walked out of work as so stressed and felt that they were getting at me and accusing me of something i am not. Gonna call the doctors as need something like HRT as fear i will lose my job, but got to cope somehow


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    Hello @PMTNC ,

    I want to welcome you to the forum, but I wish I was doing so over a coffee or a glass of wine, and in person, so that you could spend some time getting all of this stress off your chest!

    I'm so sorry that you're having such a tough time. It's hard enough dealing with peri/menopausal symptoms without feeling unsupported at work too.

    From the way you describe your symptoms, I think you would benefit from seeing your GP really quickly and telling them everything that's happening to you. I see that you have an appointment in August, but I really think you need some help before then. I always suggest to women to make a list to take with them - I find I lose my words at the doctor unless I have things written down, and when I'm emotional and looking for help, sometimes it's easier for me simply to hand over a list. My GP didn't seem to think anything of this, and I think it showed that I'd thought about what was happening to me.

    At 47, your GP does not need to wait for blood tests to prescribe HRT (if this turns out to be the best option for you). Hormone levels fluctuate so dramatically during this time in our lives that blood test results are not always accurate. Your GP definitely needs to know how much of an impact this is having on you, and your job, and it needs to be addressed quickly. When you make an appointment, please ask for the person in your surgery who has the most experience of menopause. This could be a GP, but equally it may be a nurse practitioner - but it's important that you get to speak to someone who will understand and support you.

    "Research has shown that the more frequently women reported experiencing menopause-related symptoms, and the more bothersome the symptoms were, the less engaged they felt at work, the less satisfied they were with their job, the greater their intention to quit their job and the lower their commitment to their employment".... That's a quote that comes from the factsheet I've attached for you to read. You're not on your own - growing numbers of women are experiencing similar issues in the workplace. It looks like your employer would benefit from some menopause related training. It's very easy to misinterpret menopause symptoms and if your colleagues do not know anything about the menopause then it makes it very hard for you to talk about the symptoms you are dealing with at work, and the fact that, of course, it's going to affect your performance.

    Are you a member of a union who could support you to speak to your employers and try to get them to understand the difficulties you are having?

    My first concern though, would be to get you the help you need from your GP, and I really hope that you can do this as a matter of some urgency.

    Please stay in touch and let us know how you get on 😊

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    Hello man it's been awhile and been on a very fast rollercoaster of a ride. Well I did get sacked from work and went through emotional hell. But I have survived and I have now been on her femoston 1/10 for 8months. Getting pain half the month and don't come on. Boooow am handling it so far. Still getting mood swings but mild and got another job which is ok , hard work though

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