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Hot flushes

Lyra2Lyra2 Posts: 1

I have just started going through the menopause at 57 and I have been told by the gp I am to old for hrt. My hot flushes make me feel sick I also get a sore head when they occur. Tried self help things but nothing is working. Feel it's pointless going to the gp and I just need to put up with lt


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Lyra2 ,

    Unless you have an underlying medical condition that would preclude you from taking HRT then you are not too old. There are women in their 80's who are still on HRT. I found an article for you that you might find helpful (ignore the fact that it's aimed at women over 60 - the information is relevant to what's happening to you!)

    Can I suggest that you ring your surgery and ask to see the person in the practice with the most menopause experience? It might not even be a GP - it could be a nurse practitioner. Whoever it is (and let's hope they have at least one!), that's the person you need to go and chat to. If there is no one at your practice, you can ask to be referred to a menopause clinic if there is one in your area, or it may be worth ringing other local doctors surgeries to ask if they have a doctor with menopause experience or expertise. Changing your practice might be a nuisance, but It's worth making the effort to find the support you need!

    Make a list of your symptoms, get yourself armed with as much knowledge as you can about the treatment you think you need. If you want HRT - ask for it! Please don't give up. You have a right to be given the treatment that's right for you, and you shouldn't be afraid to challenge someone who is reluctant to help.

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Lyra2

    That's awful of your GP to tell you that. They obviously aren't very clued up on menopause which unfortunately is the same with a lot of GP's. Please make another appointment with a different Dr and explain how you feel. They have no right to refuse you.

    Good luck x

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