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I was suicidal

MrsMeMrsMe Posts: 1

I will try to be brief but there is a lot to tell.

Started symptoms 8 years ago. First really bad hot flushed in the day,visible sweat running down my face. It was so embarrassing people could see it. Night sweats started, soaking wet, had to change my night clothes at least 3 times a night. No sleep, waking up exhausted. Had to move out of bed with my husband as I as keeping him awake as well.

1 First visit to Dr gave me oral hrt 6 weeks on no effect.

2 Second visit to Dr gave me different oral hrt 6 weeks on no effect

3 Third visit to Dr gave me different oral hrt 6 weeks on no effect.

I was so bad now I had to take early retirement from a job I loved as I was so tired and could not keep up with a very stressful job and was getting in trouble at work with not meeting deadlines.

4 Fourth visit to Dr gave me ( not sure but not hrt) 6 weeks on no effect.

We had a leather sofa and I was sweating so much in the day and evening that I had to put towels on it as I was sticking to it.

  1. Went to bed with soaking wet hair to see if that would help.
  2. Tried some magnet device in my knickers.
  3. Fan in bedroom blowing right on me.
  4. Tried hormones.
  5. Hot water bottle filled with ice.
  6. Cold gel mattress.

None of the above did anything.

Bags under my eyes exhausted, depressed, confused, crying, suicidal.

I thought if this was me for the rest of my life I would end it.

Went back to Gp in a terrible state, locum Dr was on duty. He listened to all I had to say and said that some women can not absorb oral hrt and gave me patched.

OMG!!! within 3 days my symptoms were so much better.

Still get the odd hot flush and some nights get quite a few hot sweats but NOTHING like it was before.


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @MrsMe

    This is brilliant! I'm so glad that you've finally been given a treatment that works for you!

    How awful that you had to get so low in the process. Sadly there will be a lot of women feeling very much the same!

    I'm so sorry that it took so long to get there - but for any other women reading this, I hope it helps them to find the strength to keep going back until they get the help that they need!

    Thank you so much for sharing - it's really important that women know there is hope! 😊

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @MrsMe

    Thank you so much for sharing that. I am so happy that you have found something that works for you and you are feeling somewhat better. Your symptoms sounded horrific and no woman should have to go through that.

    Menopause and HRT is very individual and it can take time to find out what works for you. A lot of ladies have found that patches work well and it sounds like you have finally found a Dr that has some understanding of menopause. X

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