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How do you deal with hair loss and thinning

QuienSabeLDQuienSabeLD Posts: 1

I noticed several years ago that my hair was starting to get thinner on top and very grey so I dyed it whenever it needed it in the last so many years I have had to cover up with hats and scarfs, now I have to contend with scalp eczema and bald patches and my hair falling out, I have been to see a specialist they gave me Synalar gel which I don't think works , I am now totally at my wits end with this issue, I can't even dye my hair to make feel a little better, I feel like I am forced to shave off all my hair Can anybody give me some advice Thanks.


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod
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    Oh @QuienSabeLD !

    I'm sorry to read this! I was talking to a lady about her hair loss yesterday. She says she's having great success with a caffeine shampoo she bought over the counter, but I guess if you've been dealing with this for a long time, you've probably tried that already?

    I had problems when I was pregnant with hair loss, but it hasn't reappeared during menopause thankfully.

    What about Regaine?

    Are you being helped by your GP or are you getting help privately?


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @QuienSabeLD

    I'm sorry you are having to deal with all of this on top of menopause.

    It may be worth cutting your hair in to a very short pixie style cut and starting again if that makes sense. I've had to do it in the past due to how much hair was falling out. Unfortunately constantly colouring hair can cause more damage than we realise over time as it kills off the follicles.

    Grey is the 'in colour' now, embrace it. You will find that people will tell you how amazing you look and you will learn to love the new you.

    If you don't like the idea of being grey then I've heard that henna works really well. I work with a lady that is allergic to hair dye and she uses henna and it looks so natural.

    I think as we age our hair does become thinner, brittle and very wirey so you definitely won't be the only person that is struggling. I found once I had cut my hair really short that it started to grow back nicer even though it wasn't anywhere near what it used to be.

    Good luck x

  • CountryRoadsGalCountryRoadsGal Posts: 1

    Hi there. Yes the hair is a problem, thinning where you don’t want and growing in places you don’t. I stumbled onto YouTube looking researching some DIY stuff unrelated to the hair thing. I found several young women using Palma Christi cold pressed castor oil to grow and condition their eye lashes. It works btw. I told my god-daughter about it, because I ordered it and my eye lashes thin lashes thicker longer and conditioned. My god-daughter told me she started using it on her hair from shaft to end, think she mixed it with jojoba. Left it on for two hours before shampooing. Said it made her hair incredible, thicker, shiny, and silky. So I just used it straight, it’s really thick, never took it off. I have gray thinning hair. Wow. If you can just leave it on under alight towel overnight, I just leave it on under I wash my hair, it grows new hair where I was losing it. Your hair just sucks it right up if you give it a couple days. You don’t think so at first, how can something that’s a a thick oil will penetrate, believe me it does. It has so many uses. Best to research all the benefits of Palma Christi. Just love what it does for my hair and lashes. It isn’t inexpensive but you get what you pay for and lasts for a long time. I have my hair colored and like variety and the hair stylists are always talking about how much hair I have. Secret: my hair hasn’t always been baby fine and wavy. This stuff got my hair back to the youthfulness of my twenties, but thicker/fuller/healthy. It also helped my dry eyes when I put it on my lashes at night which was a super bonus to me. Do a little research and I hope my story helped .

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