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I exercise, eat well but the weight does not come off!!

I am exercising most days (HIIT), balanced diet and I am really struggling to lose weight I have cut out lactose, fizzy drinks and reduced gluten as I had excessive belching Any advice welcomed


  • Po300Po300 Posts: 1

    Hi there

    I am 47 and have got 2nd coil in oct put on 1 stone 8lbs by jan 2020, have really bad bloating/wind. Been doing six wks of hit and not lost a single pound.

  • ive6249ive6249 Posts: 2

    bnas noches q puedo hacer hago ejeecicioa y como saludable y no bajo nada de peao y la barriga no baj

  • LynnWhitmarshLynnWhitmarsh Posts: 6

    I too struggle with my weight, at 57 years I am now in year 7 of the menopause. Exercise is good for weight loss, I don’t mean running around mad or going to the gym but gentle exercise to assist older ladies. Maybe try yoga - good for the mind and body. Pilates - good for core and muscle tone. Or even taking 20 minutes a day to stretch your body. But my favourite is walks in the countryside with my husband. We also have a National Trust membership that not only makes us get out at the weekends but also we enjoy the beautiful gardens and houses. I pack a picnic with hot flasks of tea - you can control what you are eating then. I hope my words offer a little positivity. 🌸

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 265 Community Admin

    @Meny1234 @Po300 @ive6249 @LynnWhitmarsh

    Hello everyone, I'm just curious as to how are you all coping now that all gyms are shut etc? Do you know about any good online training apps or videos? I'm thinking of starting yoga specifically.

    I've tried a bunch over the past week, I'll try to collect them and leave it here in case anyone else wants to try them x

  • MelGuerMelGuer Posts: 2


    Davina Mccoll excercise app is 30days free and it has meal plans.

    Gluten and dairy free my diet is after my hysterectomy, which I am now in the menopause which makes me put on weight. Plenty of green tea helps me also x

  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 116 mod


    I have done this in the past and gone back to it just last week. Trying the 21 day one.

    It is a little tough not sure if I will loose weight or not because I find going through post menopause the weight definitely doesn’t come off that easy. I try to eat somewhat healthy but I still have a very long way to go to loose weight and it sucks.

    I was doing this one before Beachbody and I loved it because it was more relaxing not as stressful and I felt free and could dance the way I wanted too goofy and all and you feel really good to me doing it.


    I am not a fitness expert but I just try different things when I am in the mood to them but I am not always consistent. I am trying to work on that.

  • mucket1971mucket1971 Posts: 5

    I know exactly how you feel. So fed up today, been doing an hour of strong Pilates for the last 2 weeks eat healthily and no change whatsoever. Just tried some trousers on to take the dog out and absolutely nothing fits. Ended up bursting into tears. Don't know what else to try 😪

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