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Hot flushes

Lisa68Lisa68 Posts: 4

Hi I have on medication(fluoxetine) for menopausal symptoms for 2 years, I have recently decided to come off them gradually, to see how I would manage without them, but since doing so, my hot flushes have returned quite a bit, would your advice be to go back on the fluoxetine or maybe try a more natural approach, which I have done in the past, but I don’t think they helped a lot to be honest




  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod
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    Hi @Lisa68 ,

    Welcome to the forum!

    It's a constant juggling trick to keep on top of all the symptoms isn't it?

    I guess you need to decide how much the flushes are affecting you. If they're annoying, embarrassing or constant - then it might be worth going back on the fluoxetine. It certainly seemed to work for you.

    Natural remedies like sage, red clover and black cohosh work well for lots of women. There are lots of other supplements available too. I certainly tried them a few times, but they didn't have the effect I hoped for.

    My flushes are finally under control with the help of HRT, but even now, I find if I eat something like spicy food, or have a glass of wine, the flushes will reveal themselves with a vengeance once again. It's a real pain, but I'd rather go without a curry or the wine to keep the flushes at bay.

    Perhaps a conversation with your GP to discuss some other options mIght be the way to go!

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do! 😊

  • Lisa68Lisa68 Posts: 4

    Thank you for your comment, it was a great help

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