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Hello everyone!

You may have noticed that we've had some pretty big changes to the Community Forums over the last few days, as well as some new categories being added. We have been looking at conversations and topics and wanted to add some new places for discussion and update things a little. As part of this, we want to re-categorise some discussions into the appropriate category, to help members and guests find the topics that can help them!

You will probably see some topics moving between categories over the next few days - but don't worry, nothing is being is getting deleted or lost. You should be able to find new topics more easily and you'll still get notifications to topics you've posted in as normal.

You can always find threads you posted in by going to your profile

We really hope you like the new design and categories!


  • Destinyangelfab1Destinyangelfab1 Posts: 1

    Hi everyone, as a newbie to this site I hope to get this right first time! My initial question is what do people use as a shampoo? I have very fine (and getting less) hair that is always greasy at the roots by the end of the day and quite yukky by the next day. Unfortunately I have dry ends. I used to use Redken scalp oil therapy drops years ago after having my son but that has been discontinued. Any advice welcomed!!

  • KazKaz Posts: 482 mod

    Hello @Destinyangelfab1


    I had issues with my hair fallling out and getting thin in places when I was pregnant, but luckily, it hasn't returned with menopause. I still remember how self conscious it made me feel at the time though!

    I was talking to a lady a few weeks ago, who said that she'd had success with an OTC caffeine shampoo. She said that it had taken about six weeks before she started to see a difference, but she felt her hair was thicker and fuller.

    If you haven't tried anything like that, perhaps that would be worth a try?

    There are also lots of options, including some scalp tonics, available in the Live Better With online shop.

    Hope you find something that works for you. 😊

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