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This is none existent not sure how to make it better


  • KazKaz Posts: 482 mod

    Hello @Suzy2810 ,

    Welcome to the forum.

    There could be lots of reasons why your libido seems to be non existent. It's hard to feel sexy when you're coping with horrible menopausal symptoms for a start, but if you're on certain types of medication, like some anti depressants for example, they can also have an effect.

    I had this too - but it seems to have resolved itself now that I'm taking HRT. I think the positive to take from that is that it's not permanent.

    I'm attaching one of our expert articles with some suggestions that I hope will have some ideas you might find helpful for your circumstances.

    Good luck 😊

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 294 mod

    Hi @Suzy2810

    What you are feeling is unfortunately very common during menopause. Do you have an understanding partner? I think sometimes the pressure of feeling you have to "perform" can make you feel worse and paranoia of what your partner is thinking heightens the thoughts and feelings you are suffering.

    Talk to your partner and explain how you feel, explain that you still love him but have lost your libido and that's it's nothing he has done.

    Most women say that in time this returns to normal.

    Also would you consider taking HRT as this will help how you feel about yourself which may also bring back some feelings and you may then find that you do actually want to be intimate again.

    Good luck x

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